Cabbage Hill Special Buy

Sunday morning we will be driving up Cabbage Hill (or I always called it Cabbage Patch) in Pendleton,  Oregon.  This truckstop has  t shirts with this graphic on them for sale! They come in Black, Orange,  and Safety Yellow.  There is a good size selection available.  If you are interested in me getting you one, here is your chance.


This offer is only good while I am here at the truckstop.

They sell for $35.00 postage paid in the lower 48 United States

The design pictured is on the BACK of the shirt.

You must email me your size choice and color choice and if available, I will reserve your shirt and hold onto it until the end of the month when I take time off and can mail it to you. Cabbage in subject line….

If I do pick up your shirt, you will be notified on how to pay for it.

There is no promise your choices will be available, I am only extending this offer as a way to make it easy to remember our ride up and down Cabbage Hill in Oregon!

Sunday video

2 thoughts on “Cabbage Hill Special Buy

  1. I have a question for you how do you like CA and there truck stops it has long has you are in southern California it’s like normal with truck stops has you would find in other states but has you head N it seems like truck stops are harder too find like in northern California all so are you happy that you are back in other more nomral states that it is easier too find truck stops seem like you have all most no issue at all finding a truck stop in other states would like too here your thoughts on this

    1. Actually, California seems to be a bit better to find parking everywhere since there are a lot of side street parking available if you know where to go.

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