Busy time off…

Got some heavy wet snow on Halloween,  temperatures dropped to 18F, and all the leaves fell. Been mulching up the leaves,  tearing down the garden,  and tons of other stuff before winter sets in and stays for months on end. Enough about me, ya came here for your Sunday Video!

13 thoughts on “Busy time off…

  1. Thanks for the song, but I do have one question? Why did you “cook” the mugs from your instantgram post the other day?

    1. there for Ant J and chatty cathy steve put them on a vary special diet lol just kidding please puts them the mugs in the cooker has if you want a signature it will harded and wont ware off over time that whu steve puts them in the cooker so the wirting can hardeden up and cure

    2. The mugs are glazed from the printers so that the mash it logo doesn’t wear or scratch off. Likewise, since I am adding my “signature” with a paint pen designed for ceramics, I must rebake the mugs so the signature doesn’t wear off. I bake them at 450 degrees for 30 minutes and a three hour cooldown.

  2. That was a graceful performance of a great Bible song! It’s one of those songs where the its lesson is in the lyrics. The background of the original songwriter is a powerful statement by itself.

  3. Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring alarm clock just went off Stevev. Well just want to help you get back on the road this morning so im sounding off alarm clock Up and at it and have that coffee and get ready for resume of BRT Mash IT!!! Lets all of us resume the circus Love to Steve

    1. And it is the start of a real busy season for all truckers. No doubt Steve will be spending the night in a different state. I predict that Iowa will be his home for the night.

  4. Winter came early didn’t it.. It was in the mid thirties all the way down here in Southeast Texas and in the panhandle it was snowing.. LOL!

  5. HI Steve, you said that on your time off you were mulching up leaves, that must mean you have one of those machines that you dump the leaves into and it chomps them all up in such a way that if you want to you can use them as mulch for your garden if you have one, those machines really come in handy and save a ton of room if you have to put them into garbage bags, me here, I just put them straight into two Big Yard waste cans that the department supplies us with then they come and empty them once every couple of weeks…winter really hasnt come upon us yet here, still holding in the 60s, but how much longer that lasts we dont know….but quite cold in the mornings, and speaking of cold temperatures, for s semi truck, since they are so tall, it must be a little bit of work compared to regular vehicles if your windows Frost over and you have to scrape them.
    Glad to see you back on the road again….take care

    1. I mulch leaves by running over them with the riding mower which feeds the lawn. I also core aerate twice a year ad dethatch when necessary

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