Busy night ahead

Good Sunday afternoon to all of the Road Crew. We are resting today since we will have one very busy night ahead of us. We are waiting to make a local delivery tonight at 10pm, then pick up and swap trailers for another loaded one, and make a second local delivery at 2am Monday morning, then swap trailers yet again for another customer and that will be our third trip that takes us back to the State of California. Not sure how all this will work out since it is alot of customers involved and any one of them that decides to drag their feet could really cause a domino effect on the whole plan.

I decided to add my Instagram feed to the photography section of the website menu. That is where I can just share a picture or two without making a whole new post about it. Check it out.

21 thoughts on “Busy night ahead

  1. I’m really pleased you’re using your instagram page again. So many great photos to be seen…

    1. I’m glad you enjoy it. You are right, I have tons of unpublished images just because it was a single picture or two that didn’t warrant a full blog post, etc. So we will try adding to it again.

  2. Thanks, Steve! Enjoy your day off! Hope everything goes well for you! Take care.

  3. We have to do our 30 minute inspection plus driving to delivery, this will put us just an hour short of a restart

    1. Nothing to do? I’ve done background work for the website and upcoming project. Oh, and nap since we will be working all night.

  4. And this is a delayed sequence of trips. Wish the planners gave you something else to do.

    1. Well, it’s not we had the hours to do much anyway. We had 4 hours yesterday, gained 1 today and gain 2.5 tomorrow.

  5. Think about this! Near to no traffic at that time of night, even at 2 a.m. Steve! So shouldn’t be a problem to get to your deliveries. Safe travels, Steve!

  6. S teve,
    I’m glad you had nice Day off. I’m forward for come on the air. I have brother that live in
    Phoenix, Arizona. Mom and Dad use live in Scottsdale, Arizona when use to vist them we all going in Nov or Dec we go then when it cooler. I will you on rebond since 2 hour behind from
    Florida but I will you tube before I go bed I will you tube if not catch some tomorrow OK.
    Robin from Port Charlotte,FL

  7. Thanks Steve for instagram photo gallery here on your site! I thought Insta is only for Kardashians and similar self promoting persons:)) Thanks for your photogallery here! Hapy delivery(ies) on this night. Hope everything will work without problems👍 Take care and God bless!😉

  8. Love the addition of the Instagram pics to the photo gallery…thank you Steve. Even though you didn’t drive today, no such thing as a day off for you with all the things you take care of behind the scenes. Hope you got a nap in and are staying cool, temp on website says it’s 103! Also hope deliveries go as planned tonight and there are no delays. Take care Steve 😊

  9. I’m happy to see your Instagram up and running, because there are a lot of great photos there!

  10. Well Steve, if you happen to read this, good morning and safe travels in Phoenix. You are actually doing this work at a preferred time because it isn’t so hot and the yahoos are fast asleep.

  11. Hi Steve, hope all is going well with your deliveries today, and they are not keeping you waiting too long…? Safe treavels to ya, and catch ya on a live stream soon.
    I have been hopping on and off here to check up on what’s going on, still new to this website and finding my way still! On Wardbound!

  12. Hate to burst your bubble but Steve isn’t taking a restart anytime soon. If you watched the end of today’s run, you will understand that Steve has 11:47 on his 70 hour clock. That is enough to get him to Fresno even while traveling through LA and going over the mountains north of town. When he wakes up, Steve will gain 9 hours on that 70 hour clock and just under 12 the next day. Your best bet is to either meet Steve in Fresno or pray he gets to Sonora somehow.

  13. David if what you say is true then all day trips now in past as now he will have to bed down before day break and curl up in his vault.Also now is danger of having wooden stake and silver cross by a dracula slayer.Well okay hope good for a laugh or two Mash it Steve Will hope David just kidding but you never know these days

    1. Oh forgot also that with him being in vampire mode driving at night truck stops will be to replenish blood supply and no more for coffee.I know sick humor so please forgive –thanks all GOOD crew

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