Welcome to Plover, Wisconsin! We are taking the rest of the day off to blow things up!
Actually, we made our easy delivery about noon today and our next load comes out of the same place tomorrow morning. I will post that trip in a few minutes. I really was waiting to make this blog post because I was going to show you my new baby microwave I bought yesterday for the truck. I had all these great plans for easily making my food……but I did a test run to heat up corn for lunch, and it killed the inverter after just two seconds! Ok, so it is a 700 watt microwave and the inverter that came with this truck is 1000 watts…. No good. 700 watts is the output rating, but the input rating is 1050 watts! I reset the inverter so it works again, but my buddy will have to return the microwave for me….. back to the 12 volt baby cooker I bugh this summer to heat things up…..

I am loving this 70 degree sunny weather for November so far! About my allergies, years ago I went through multiple tests and shots several times a week for allergies and in one of the big tests, I tested medium to high reaction to 48 out of 61 airborne items native to the Texas area. With that many allergens bothering me there really is no way to combat that except take allergy medicine as needed. When you add the whole country, I am sure I would be allergic to way more than just 48 items! Guess it is just something I have to deal with. I am doing tons better lately with it since I have only had to really take medicine about three times since the big hospital stay…..way better than my several times a day usage!