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BRT Trip Info for Monday: January 29, 2024.

  • Pickup Date: 01/29/2024
    • Loading Location: Springville, Utah
    • TYPE: Preloaded Trailer
    • On-Site Time: 45 Minutes.
  • Delivery Date: 01/31/2024 AM
    • Unloading Location: Brea, California
    • TYPE: Live Unload.
    • On-Site Time: Four Hours.
  • Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius: -1 Degrees F. / -18 Degrees C.
  • Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 43,311 Lbs. / 16,645 Kg.
  • Cargo Hauled: Stouffer’s TV Dinners.
  • Approximate Mileages:  Miles/Kilometers:
    • Empty: 51 / 82
    • Loaded: 634 / 1,014
  • Weather at Pick-up Location: Sunny, Temperature 33 Degrees F, .5 Degrees C.
  • Weather at Drop-off Location: Clear, Temperature 55 Degrees F, 13 Degrees C.
  • Average Miles Per Gallon/Liters per 100 Kilometers: 7.9 MPG. / 29.774 L/100 KM.
  • Additional Notes:
  • Lumper/Loading Fees$455.00!

3 thoughts on “BRT Trip Info for Monday: January 29, 2024.

  1. I’ve eaten many, many Stouffer’s frozen meals. Especially their lasagna. Very good for lazy single guy. Open the box, vent the plastic film, and throw in oven for about an hour. Then eat and enjoy. Like I said, good for lazy guy like me.

    1. I do like their lasagna, but was bummed when they took the ricotta out. The chicken parmesan is really good but hard to find. Oh and the stuffed peppers too!

  2. When I saw that you were going to Springville, I immediately thought Stouffers. They’re the only real manufacturer of any king in Springville. Some of my wife’s coworkers loved to go to the Stouffers store.

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