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BRT Trip Blog for Wednesday: April 28, 2021

  • Pickup Date: 04/28/2021
    • Loading Location: Springfield, Missouri
    • TYPE: Live Load
    • On Site Time: Two Hours
  • Delivery Date: 04/29/2021
    • Unloading Location: Champaign, Illinois
    • TYPE: Drop Trailer
    • On-Site Time: 30 Minutes
  • Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius  65 Degrees F, 18.3 Degrees C.
  • Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms  44,220 lbs. / 20,058 Kg.
  • Cargo Hauled: Kraft Cheese Sauce
  • Approximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers
    • Empty: 0/0
    • Loaded: 395/635
  • Weather at Pick-up Location: Drizzle, Temperature 70 Degrees F, 21 Degrees C.
  • Weather at Drop-off Location: Partly Cloudy, Temperature 66 Degrees F, 18.9 Degrees C.
  • Additional Notes: After this load, Steve headed home to Belvidere for a few days off.

5 thoughts on “BRT Trip Blog for Wednesday: April 28, 2021

  1. Job Well Done. Hey I wonder if Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream makes it inside those caves? I know from working at Ben and Jerry’s that the Truck Drivers get a couple free pints of Ice Cream and sometimes they get a Sleeve for themselves. I wonder if Steve gets a lot of Kraft Foods and other free products as well.

    1. Haha nope. There is only one company that gives free candy if you are hauling their products. Hershey
      Oh wait. Sugar cookies from Ogden, Utah too.

      1. And friend and I used to deliver bread, doughnuts and such overnite around VT and NH. The bakeries would let us take the stuff that wouldn’t sell or was too old to sell in the thrift stores. Ever try a 4 day old doughnut? Or week old english muffins?

      2. Sweet!! 😀

  2. That was meant for Steve’s comment, not Gus! Ya know, candy, sugar cookies…

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