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BRT Trip Blog for Friday: July 09, 2021

Pickup Date: 07/09/2021
Loading Location: Greeley, Colorado
TYPE: Pre-Loaded Trailer
On Site Time: 30 Minutes
Delivery Date: 07/11/2021
Unloading Location: Tolleson, Arizona
TYPE: Live Unload
On-Site Time: Four and a half hours.
Trailer Temperature: Fahrenheit/Celsius: 28.5 F. / -1.9 C.
Cargo Weight: Pounds/Kilograms: 40,743 Lbs. / 14,480 Kg.
Cargo Hauled: Rib Eye and New York Strip Steaks.
Approximate Mileages: Miles/Kilometers
Empty: 64/103
Loaded: 991/1595
Weather at Pick-up Location: Sunny, Temperature 95 Degrees F, 35 Degrees C.
Weather at Drop-off Location: Mostly Sunny, Temperature 106 Degrees F, 41 Degrees C.
Average MPG / Liters per 100 KM on this trip: 7.8 MPG / 30.15 L/100 KM
Additional Notes: Steve met up with four road crew members on this trip, myself included.

2 thoughts on “BRT Trip Blog for Friday: July 09, 2021

  1. Wow. That was a pricey load! Only one reason that Steve doesn’t tell what he’s hauling until after he delivers. No need to get the truck hijacked!

  2. Yum!!!!!

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