Morning everyone!  Wow, I just woke up and feel like I need another nap!

OK, so this trip has been a crazy wild tiring trip to California.  We have been limited in our driving time because we keep running head first into our 70 hour limit.  This trip from Nebraska was so tight, the only way we could hope to make ontime delivery was to drive until we ran out of hours then take the minimum rest then hit the road again.  The heat has been taxing and the smoke from the massive Brian Head wildfire in Utah then the smog in Los Angeles is getting to me. Not much sleep when we stopped the other night in St George,  Utah.

We started driving about 2am local time and crossed into California just as the sun started to rise. Not a bad drive today, but by the time we reached our first delivery we were already 4 hours late! They took us with very minimal waiting and I didn’t even get yelled at! Woohoo!

We finished the first delivery OK but when we reached our second delivery,  we were 4 hours late for that one too! They couldn’t fit us in and we were getting extremely tight on running out of driving time, with only an hour and a half or so left! I made the decision to get to the truckstop as fast as I could and just get the delivery rescheduled.  It’s just too much and too little time!!

We arrived at the truckstop and of course we busted out time; both the 70 and the 14 hour clocks! With no place to park, I had no other choice. Los Angeles doesn’t have overnight street parking and even if they did,  I wouldn’t spend the night in the areas we were in in East Los Angeles!!  So, we just did our best. Now guess what?  Since we went over, we actually took time from the next day’s hours, and we only had 4 there! That only would leave us 3.5 hours to fight traffic back to deliver,  unload, then fight traffic back. 

Alright,  so where does all this leave us? The delivery has a full schedule for Tuesday.  We have a new delivery appointment for Wednesday morning,  first appointment.  The great thing now is, we get a built in 34 hour restart and will zero everything out! Since our appointment is early Wednesday,  I can take naps today and get to East Los Angeles tomorrow without any worries about time!

BTW, remember,  I am just one person and at times I fall behind in video titles,  etc. Usually they get fixed pretty quick – othertimes it gets behind.  You guys can help by adding the start, end info, or other details in the comments after it is broadcast and archived.  Also, if any of you fine viewers have the desire to help in anyway, simply send me an email at bigrigsteve@bigrigtravels

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