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BougeRV 12 Volt Refrigerator, 21 Quart Portable Freezer (-8℉~50℉), as reviewed by BigRigSteve

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【Generous Storage Box: perfectly accommodates power station and accessories】The CRPRO 21-quart refrigerator features a multifunctional storage box where you can put the NEW PORTABLE POWER STATION for refrigerators, or the equipped charging cables inside, which extends the usage time of the refrigerator and avoids the cords missing. Search “BougeRV 220WH PORTABLE POWER STATION” on Amazon if you are looking for it.

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【4 Safety Tie-down Points: fixes the refrigerator to your car】Through four holes located on both sides of the CRPRO refrigerator, it can be fastened securely with ropes in your car truck, seat, and other slippery surfaces. Do not need to worry about the refrigerator moving when you drive the car.

【Max and Eco Usage Mode: less power consumption】With the CRPRO compressor refrigeration technology, the 12 volt refrigerator consumes 45W in Max mode and only 36W in Eco mode, contributing to saving money. This upgraded refrigerator also adds an interior LED light for you to use at night. You can also use this refrigerator for grocery shopping and keep the food fresh.

【Low Noise: quiet sleep】The truck freezer is designed with 45dB of low noise to make sure you have a good sleep after long driving. This camping fridge also has a shock-proof design to face the uneven road, operating with no problem in case of a 30° inclination when you are off-road.

【Warranty for Your Rights】The CRPRO 12V refrigerator comes with a 2-year warranty. If you have any questions about the product, please REACH OUT TO BougeRV before returning it, as we provide hassle-free after-sale service. (Package included: 1*dc power cord, 1*ac power cord, and 1*user manual)

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