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BigRigSteve’s Review of the EcoFlow River Pro Power Station

This is a full review of the EcoFlow River Pro Power Station. It’s a complete power station that is perfect for your next camping , fishing, or hiking trip!

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Here is a basic overview of the features: Three ways to charge – AC wall outlet, Solar panels, 12VDC car power port. Charges from 0-80% in just one hour and a full charge from 0 in 1.6 hours! Three Full Sine Wave AC outlets for 600 watts. (Surge up to 1200 watts) A 13.6 VDC car outlet and Two DC 5521 ports. 1 USB C port rated at 100 watts, 2 USB A ports, 1 Fast Charge 28 watt A. Entry Level UPS that powers on in less than 30 milliseconds. Optional extension battery available to double available power to a total of 1440 watts, and optional solar panels to charge the unit.

3 thoughts on “BigRigSteve’s Review of the EcoFlow River Pro Power Station

  1. This looks like a great product with so many input and output features. There are so many ways even the average homeowner or farmer could use a product like this in the event of summer storms when a transformer blows a fuse on the pole top. So much easier than dragging out the noisy generator. It would save the frozen food and give light in the dark of night till the power company saves the day.
    Good review Steve, It makes one think about getting out this summer for a bit of camping and fresh air.

  2. You come up with the neatest products! Wish I’d had this a few weeks ago when my power was out!
    Even Aunt Jemima could enjoy this one sitting back and snacking on bugs that come to the light while y’all are night fishing! 😉
    Great review, Steve. Safe travels.

  3. can not get discount code to work.

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