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BigRigSteve’s Review of the EcoFlow River Pro Power Station

This is a full review of the EcoFlow River Pro Power Station. It’s a complete power station that is perfect for your next camping , fishing, or hiking trip!

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Here is a basic overview of the features: Three ways to charge – AC wall outlet, Solar panels, 12VDC car power port. Charges from 0-80% in just one hour and a full charge from 0 in 1.6 hours! Three Full Sine Wave AC outlets for 600 watts. (Surge up to 1200 watts) A 13.6 VDC car outlet and Two DC 5521 ports. 1 USB C port rated at 100 watts, 2 USB A ports, 1 Fast Charge 28 watt A. Entry Level UPS that powers on in less than 30 milliseconds. Optional extension battery available to double available power to a total of 1440 watts, and optional solar panels to charge the unit.

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