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BigRigSteve explores using the Bondstove from Warmbond – Portable firepit

We assemble and explore the joy of using this BondStove from Warmbond. It’s a 20 inch square firepit that comes with several options available. We were given the firebox, mobile kit, and grill kit in exchange for this video review, but you still get our honest opinion about this item. I have to say that I really love it. From the packaging to the final assembly, it is all top quality materials. I do need to point out that this firebox is smokeless, but I did use a pellet tube to make smoke for my grilling hamburgers. Obviously, if you do not use the pellet tube, there would be no smoke coming from your firepit.

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WARMBOND devotes its talents, crafts and techniques to creating superior smokeless fire pits that enable you to get back in tune with nature with your families and friends. We create the fire pit – the centerpiece so that you can bond with nature, bond with outdoors, bond with your beloveds. Our vision is to warm the world and bond your best ones with our top-of-the-line stylish and versatile fire pits. We aim to be the pioneer to build the best, the most high-quality, the most stylish, the most exclusive and the most versatile smokeless fire pits in the world.

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