Behind the scenes

Oh boy. Nonstop, all day. Been on the phone to payroll, dispatch and planning. Lots of confusion and wrong information. We currently have three trips booked on us. Two of them have delivery times listed BEFORE the loading appointment. Our next trip is supposed to absolutely without fail, deliver Monday night by 11pm….but i don’t have the available hours and the driver we are supposed to repower isn’t even here yet. We will do the trip Tuesday morning. Lots of payroll matrix issues and software glitches that are not paying out correctly. Finally got things straightened out, halfway anyway. See? Just because I’m not driving and the camera isn’t on doesn’t mean I’m not solving problems. :>

9 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

  1. Steve! I’m sorry to hear all these obstacles you are having to deal with today. Keep your chin up and things will get better. You’ll see! We are often in our lives are hit with a curve ball.Take care

  2. the next trip should be even more fun has your going too be heading in too a late season snow storm has we head E

  3. So all this time, until u get a load, u have to sit in your truck? I guess that might not be to bad as i am certain u have games and such but it still is a bummer for u. Looking forward to a trip soon. 🙂

    1. I am not glued to the truck. We have a local delivery this afternoon and until then, i am free to go and do whatever I want as long as I make customers on time

      1. glad to hear that. Missed your today delivery. Guess i check back tomorrow to wee what u have going.

  4. Thanks for the update. So frustrating when these issues that are beyond your control happen. I hope all gets worked out for the rest of the week.

  5. Thanks for the update Steve. It’s all the behind the scenes issues and frustrations that you have to deal with that folks are not always aware of, and with your attention to detail, I hope everything works out. Makes me wonder what would happen if not brought to their attention…shouldn’t have to be that way. Take care Steve.

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