Howdy! Well we have had a very busy week indeed. Good mileage and beautiful scenery. The other day, I was able to get out and explore on the Segway around the Bonner, Montana area. Very nice place but I had to turn around because the trails kept going! You can find the video below.

Last night when we pulled into the Flying J truckstop in Gillette, Wyoming, I noticed as soon as I parked about a million bees kept flying all around the truck! I didn’t think I ran over any nests….but there were so many! As soon as the sun started to go down, the bees began to go to sleep. I walked around to try and find out why they were around my truck but not anybody else’s truck. HA! I found the answer! Seems they attached themselves to my trailer for the night! By morning, they were all gone:)

I just had a big scare tonight….I have been playing around with the next generation of BigRigTravels to incorporate many features that I just haven’t been displaying yet……and I (somehow) had overwritten the entire website! YUP, zero, zilch, nothing left to it! Good thing I had made a full backup copy before I started doing work! Oh boy. I’m going to bed now. We deliver Saturday morning, then start our next trip. It will be an easy weekend though since we are running very low on driving hours.

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