Good December 1st afternoon! Time to catch up on the blog. I had plans of writing lastnight while we waited for our load to be ready but when we arrived, I find out our load was ready early! We took the load and ran!! 🙂

So, since we had a few days to wait before this load was to start, I drove close to my buddy’s house and we spent time goofing off. Several good meals and I got ALL my laundry done! Then Saturday night we went to Woodstock, Illinois to check out the town square and their Christmas light display. That town has an opera house that was built in 1889 and they had a play going on…..A Christmas Carol. I have never been to a live play before so we got seats up on the balcony! It was very cool!

Now, we are taking our 30 minute break and will keep rolling towards the delivery which takes place very early tomorrow morning. I know it is late, but here is yesterday’s Sunday Video!