Back in business – almost

Woohoo we got the truck back this afternoon. Since they had to drain all 200 gallons of fuel, the first thing we did was go right back to Love’s to fill up! Hahaha yup, I know what you are thinking…but so far no repeat of bad fuel. Ok, the total repair bill came to $8,481. Want some fantastic news? The first thing I did once I got back in the truck was to turn on the freezer and check the temperature. The biggest compartment was still reading 36F and the smaller one was reading 48F. Most of the high dollar meats were in the bigger section so all that food is saved. We did lose the refrigerator food such as vegetables and pickles, but no big deal. So, for 3.5 days the freezer stayed unplugged and yet saved the contents! Excellent insulation and build quality! Woohoo!

We tried multiple times on multiple phones to broadcast our trip down to Sioux City but we couldn’t get a data tower to connect at all. The answer might be found in the Verizon Outage Map located here: Outage maps we will broadcast tomorrow if we have a chance. If not, the trusty snowman camera does a fine job as backup in times of no data! See ya in the morning for the backroads trip to Grand Island, Nebraska

17 thoughts on “Back in business – almost

  1. Wow!! that turned out to be very expensive fuel…great news about the freezer…hope this next week is event free…

  2. WOW so glad about food been saved in Freezer Thanks God your soooo Lucky Steve!!! that a lot of money repair

  3. Great to hear you’re food was saved! $8000 sounds like the company got a great deal. I thought more in the line of $10K . Either way, glad you’re back on the road again.

  4. Praise the Good Lord above that your expensive meats stayed cold enough to keep! Is the truck running well again after the repair? In the words of Willie, “On the Road Again”

  5. I think I would have chose a different fueling place as this one hasn’t been very truck engine friendly! Perhaps there were no others nearby? I know you have to go where they tell ya. How did the truck even start with no fuel in the system (to get you back to Loves?!
    Sure was nice to know your meats have been saved. Woo hoo!

      1. Are you still going on your time off next week or has thing changed ? Buy the way how are you feeling? Are you back too normal ?or. Still feeling kinda of on the crappy side

  6. Steve, since you also put fuel in the trailer for the reefer at the same time that you filled up the truck with the bad fuel, what happened to the trailer?

  7. What’s the brand of the freezer you have? If we ever need to replace ours here in the house, I’d like to know who makes it so I can go give it a look!

    1. Steve has a vlog about it in the video vault. It’s a high-end travel fridge/freezer. This incident shows that paying extra for quality can save money over time.

  8. So nice that you didn’t lose all of your food. How are you feeling health wise? Been worried about you. Can’t wait to see road trips again. Take care, prayers for safe travels & NO MORE snafus in your path. Thank you Jesus for protecting Steve!

  9. Your freezer contents being saved after all that time is a testament to the quality of your Dometik CFX95DZW freezer. Might be time to add an update to your prior review as this is a fantastic outcome!

  10. Wow, I hope Love’s is accepting liability for that repair! At the very least I think they should have given you a free fill-up after all that aggravation!

  11. hi steve

    have you check your tablet too see if your youtube app was up to date ?

    if that dos not work have you try doing a factory reset on your tablet some time a update can mess up stuff and the only way too fix it is to do a factory reset after the factory reset on your tablet the youtube commits should show up like normal

    worth a try there some in too think about

    1. I ain’t doing a factory reset and losing all my apps and information just to read comments lol

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