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Auction Match and parts

Howdy! I just got notified that an anonymous donor has guaranteed to match dollar for dollar (up to $500.00) of the winning bid amount! This automatically will double the donation to the Wounded Warriors Project! Let’s get with it and maximize what we can do for a worthwhile cause! BTW, just wanted to clarify that the bobblehead wasn’t sitting on a shelf then given back to us unwanted lol. The original purchaser actually bought four of them and thought a year later would be nice to give to someone a chance that missed out the first time. This bobblehead has never been opened and the certificate is blank, ready for your name!

Parts…our truck is torn apart and waiting on a dry clutch disc from Freightliner. Let’s hope the needed parts arrives soon!

16 thoughts on “Auction Match and parts

  1. Steve, the drag racer, burns out the clutch. Just kidding. Enjoy the extra day(s) off.

    1. 😂😂😂

    2. Maybe we didn’t go fast enough:)

      1. Maybe you went over too many mountains. At least this happened close to home and not Northwestern Utah.

  2. OK

  3. maybe on a ship near Los Angeles

    1. In which case, the truck won’t be repaired until next year.

  4. Hey Steve don’t stress over the truck repair!!! Just enjoy your extra time at home…you
    SO Deserve it!! Maybe you weren’t supposed to head out in the road yet.

    Get some extra sleep and finish doing things you want to get done. Things happen for a reason!!

  5. The only problem with too much time off is….

    No drive no monies to be earned.

  6. Hope they get the parts in quickly, had my car in the shop on Wednesday, the owner’s wife that does all of the paperwork gave me a ride home, they ordered a part on Monday and the price was $300. The next day when they delivered it the price was $480!

    1. Wally3 so the extra charge was for the ride you were given and the delivery charge when auto was returned!! No are lunch for sure LOL

  7. Wally sorry to joke in time of overcharged!! Been there too!! I goofed as meant to say==no free lunch but feel for you as been had also!!

  8. Kinda surprised your employer doesn’t provide a loaner truck for the time being, especially with the demand for drivers and supplies, also since they don’t seem to know how long the part may take to arrive.

    1. they tried to get me in a loner truck but I refused.

  9. Steve, is the warranty still on the truck. I’ve never thought about what a warranty may be on a big rig. Either way I bet this will be a very expensive repair.
    Safe travels.

    1. Yes, this is covered under warranty repairs

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