Update – Attempt to deliver

Good Sunday morning Road Crew.  In case you missed the details,  we had a 730pm delivery appointment on Saturday night.  We showed up but was informed that the customer doesn’t even have any personnel to unload our products on Saturday and that the delivery appointment they show for us is Sunday at 1130am. No idea who messed up,  but we will make another delivery attempt at that time.  Here is your Sunday morning video for this week:

My load information originally showed us with a delivery appointment of 730pm yesterday. Then they said 1130am today. Then they told us the original appointment was set for 9/2 1930. Customer service bosses have arranged for us to be a work in delivery at 430pm today, so we will try delivery for the third time shortly… We are in the process of getting approval for the trailer tire to be replaced since the tread has begun to separate….

See ya about 330pm as we head back to the delivery uugghhh

24 thoughts on “Update – Attempt to deliver

  1. Hey there Steve it seems like ever since you started back from vacation in July you have had one hiccup-speed bump glitch after another sine started back. Must have been curse of a mountain goat in Montana..Well the Cubs used excuse of goat curse being what kept them from winning world series since 1908.Finally curse broken with 2016 World Series Championship.Soim predicting that your curse will be broken with next successful delivery Mash it oh MASH IT !!!

    1. Actually I think the last month of trips was drama free except for that incident where a receiver took too long and made the next delivery late. Other than that, Steve had his trips east repowered. We will not know the exact reasoning since Steve was on record of refusing a trip to Missouri in favor of time off.

  2. Second update: They refused delivery for a third time. Don’t they know that Steve has a preloaded trailer waiting for him at the next shipper? In any case, I don’t know what is next. All I know is that Steve will update this blog with notices on the 4th delivery attempt.

    1. The fact that Steve has a load at the next shipper is not this receiver’s problem, this they don’t care. The problem sounds like someone at Steve’s company is feeding him bad information.

      1. Maybe it is a planner that is enjoying Steve’s feeds and wants to create drama just for the sake or creating drama. Whatever the case, they are playing games with Steve and I don’t like it. He has enough troubles with reefers needing to be reset and trailer tires needing to be replaced. And then there is stuff that is always out of his control such as the weather with major blizzards slowing him down and stopping him, or traffic because some yahoo decided to be stupid and ended up causing an accident on the interstate.

    2. All they care about is taking vacation instead of making a little extra money on ironically.. Labor Day.

      And PS: I think they’re going to let Steve sit on this load until Tuesday morning. If I was him. I’d drop the damn thing off at their unloading garage as early as I could and call them and say: It’s your problem now, you’ve stalled me enough, you can explain it to Salt Lake City.

      1. What’s in SLC? I highly doubt people are “playing games”. It’s just bad communication combined with skeleton weekend crews, and a delivery customer with a 1.4 rating on Google reviews from other truckers.

        1. I think Andrew meant your company’s home base. As for the company, I know where you are doing the delivery. If they really using skeleton crews, it is best they just shut down for the weekend, and you would be elsewhere in the country. As is, hope the next attempt is successful and the planners then get you a dream trip.

        2. I thought I heard you say the bosses were in Salt Lake City. I just didn’t want to do that because I know you like to keep your company out of what you are doing here.

  3. I’m so sorry the delivery was so messed up! Thank you for posting “Revelation Song”! It’s on of my favorites — moves me to tears when I hear it. Another of my favorites that not too many are familiar with is “Be Unto Your Name” . It’s beautiful.

    1. Yes i also want to say that song selection is what i get inspiration from Steve.Its just another plus of what BRT gives to us a very wonderful wholesome experience in this time of so much negative happenings i n the real world This truly wonderful diversion from al our cares May he BLESS you !!—and MASH_IT

  4. This is when you have a three stooges moment and say I’m a victim of circumstance.. LOL! The pecan brisket sounds heavenly BTW!

  5. I hope it all works out for you today Steve with delivery, all you can do is wait and relax. I got a question when you get delayed like this does it still get taken off your 70 hour clock, or will your clock reset?
    Love your channel looking forward to seeing your next trip!

  6. although we all hope they will take it this 4th time tonite, but logic tells me if they didnt want to take it all laborday weekend, guess what happens on labor day !!
    i fear it will stick with him till some time tuesday, as the planners have to come up with a new appointment time after they roll in tuesday morning and had their labordayweekend discussed over coffee …

    1. Lol. I’m busy ordering stuff to keep the brt store stocked for the upcoming holidays, so I’ve been busy today:)

      1. You might want to consider becoming a LEGO investor. They have the Mack Anthem as a set and that could become a store best seller.

    2. Lol Marco! Labor day holiday is not good time for labor:)) At least, my US flag still waving in my garden… its federal holiday!! Hope this wretched delivery will be solved in the next few hours!! Good evening/good night Steve!

      1. woo hoo!! “Current Status: [ Unloading at receiver ]” !! well, we will be free for new trip:) good night Steve!

  7. Would you be able to phone them up and confirm they will accept delivery before you go in and perhaps waste time and fuel? I have a feeling this trip won’t be complete until sometime AFTER the Labour Day Weekend. And I guess that means no layover pay since you were “under a load”.

    1. Nope. I can only go by the times I have a record of on the truck messenger computer and not go based on telephone calls. Trust me, nobody can be held accountable on the telephone, but on permanent truck messages they can.

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