As the truck wheels turn…

Soap opera,  eh? Well sometimes the world of trucking is just like one.

We have been running like crazy the past few days and constantly trying to time everything so we can make our pick up and delivery appointments on time. Every night we shutdown staring our 70 hour clock down with a big `ol Texas grin.  We made our pick up in Belvidere and delivery today and Moberly then raced to our next shipper in Chillicothe,  Missouri where we had a verified Preloaded trailer waiting on us and the office was open until 11pm Saturday night.  We worked our clocks so we would arrive,  swap trailers, then find a place to shutdown for the night.  In reality  it went like this…

We arrived to a building void of any trucks, cars, people,  or anything.  I walked to every door to find them locked tight. Docks and office lights were off. Nobody around at all. I talk to the bosses and find out this shipper is closed on the weekends. So, who “verified” they were open until 11pm today? Who knows.  At this point, we made our way to a local truckstop to sit. Perhaps in the morning somebody somewhere will figure out what is going on. Stay tuned to “As the Wheels Turn” …

16 thoughts on “As the truck wheels turn…

  1. Steve, I truly hope that things will go much better for you on Sunday! Getting to be a part of the Road Crew brings me such pleasure and provides me with the ability to “travel” again. Something that I believed was over for me. I just wanted to say thank you. And wish you all good things, safe travels and God Bless! Thanks for including me in your travels. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, To Steve & The Road Crew.

    1. I am pretty sure Steve will enjoy a 34-hour restart. I am more worried for the person that scheduled him for a pick-up in Chillicothe at a place that was closed for the weekend. If anything, Steve could take a Uber to LaPlata and watch the trains roll by for a couple of hours.

  2. Ohh Steve!! Really sorry for that!:( This is hard kick for ya from your planners:-// Anyway have a blessed Sunday in Missouri Steve⛪! If it will be free day (waiting day) for ya, take some delicious food&coffee, take a nap, recharge batteries… and maybe grab some toys (segway, drone) and enjoy the day;) After all the long trips across the States – Greeley, Barstow, Seattle, Charlotte NC, Cleveland area, Detroit area, Chicago area – you must be totally tired/ bushed/ plum tuckered out! Hope your 4-5 days off the truck will come as soon as possible. Take care Mr.Driver👍 God bless ya Steve!

  3. Steve sure sorry for once again being a victim of old saying—best laid plans of mice and men and–truck drivers often go astray. My daughter and son-in-law lived in Chillicothe for awhile am familiar with town Chillicothe known for a bakery that developed first slice of bread. So Steve as this fact is true —you are best thing since sliced bread!!!! Have good finish today and have some good time off Love and peace to all crew!!

    1. I need to make correction to my previous blog statement the place where delivery is closed Sunday you will finish Monday instead Take care and stay safe

  4. Sometimes the road ahead is rougher than planned. Patience and a thick skin certainly come with experience as an OTR driver.
    Unfortunately when “confirmed” dispatches fall apart everything drops into the drivers lap. Safe travels Steve.

  5. hi Steve too bad you cant this cancel the trip and just bobtail too IL and start your vacation sorry this haveing too happen too you on the bright side of things looks like we may be able too get a unplan 34hr restart even no we where going too have one any ways when you started your vacation at lest now we wont have any issues with hrs for this trip

  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Steve! Was sorry to read all that hard planning and effort wasn’t for the results everyone was looking for. I think like the song above expresses the good Lord who is always there and watching over us and guiding us through our difficulties is truly the one we can always know is there for us. I hope you can relax and enjoy this down time and thanks for all you do to keep everyone together on the road.

  7. So sorry things haven’t been working out this trip. But this will reset your 70 hour clock won’t it? Kick back and enjoy not having to race from one drop/pick up to another. Put on some tunes, read a book and just chill. If you like Euge Groove, he has a song called Chillaxin’. Check it out on You Tube. His music is a lot like Kenny G. Take care and be safe.

  8. What your book says: “This is how I see it in my mind and danggum it it’s going to work!”

    What their book really says: “Oh yeah, we fooled your bosses into thinking we were night owls so screw your book, hahahahaaa.. You get to follow ours and spin on your caboose.. Sucker!”

    Moral? This is why books are burnable and stone only makes you cuss out when it smashes your big toe..

      1. I think what it means is that trucking companies and their employees are always at the mercy of the clients. In other words, truckers need to play by the shipper’s rules.

      2. I’m sorry Steve, I have to laugh at myself and your feedback. What I meant was I get how much you have to be flexible in order to do what you do. I just wanted to humorize the fact you have this dream scenario in your mind and the shipper rewrites it to make you either frustrated or laugh at the fact nothing is etched in stone and should always be considered burnable.

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