Anyone lose an hour? 

Morning!  Ever since I got back to the truck yesterday,  it has been a wild goose chase,  problem filled,  weekend trip assignment that has encountered a problem at every single step of the way! I was ready to throw up my hands and go back on vacation!  I won’t explain it all and relive it, just take my word it was a rough start back to trucking!

So, anyway,  I would have made posts and shared photos all along the way of my time off, but once I left the hotel for the parks, there was no signal.  When I did manage to get back to the hotel,  I ate and crawled into bed. It was a perfect week for exploring Joshua Tree National Park and the area. The skies were a perfect deep blue with temperatures in the mid 70s. I did alot of hiking and exploring the many trails. I climbed rocks and through cracks. I carefully meandered through a Cholla cactus garden. I originally planned on visiting Joshua Tree two days but ended up staying three. A Park Ranger led tour of the Desert Queen Ranch was very worth the reservation.  I did manage to make a quick visit to the Salton Sea and walk through many fields of wildflowers at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. All I can say is wow!  If that wasn’t enough,  I ran on over to make a super quick visit to the San Clemente Pier and also San Juan Capistrano.  As usual,  I didn’t see half the things I had planned but instead saw more beauty and kept myself busy experiencing nature  at it’s finest as the opportunities presented themselves. 

I lost count after I passed the 2,000th photo taken.  I hope you did get to see the stray snowman or instagram photo I managed to post now and then.  I will sort out the photos when I can. Lots of trails so I’m glad each photo is GPS tagged so I know what trail I was on at the time! 

By the time I finally worked through the problems with loading lastnight,  and getting a few miles accomplished,  it was 330am. The big “emergency push” just wasn’t meant to happen with this load. The earliest we can roll is about noon today.  I’ll see ya on the dash then!

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