Anybody Home?

Morning!  I know you folks have had problems reaching the blog and website.  It has nothing to do with me. Apparently,  there is (or was) a cyber attack against Netflix and this caused massive overload to some servers across the world.  Some places were able to see things fine, other places,  not. I know everytime I wanted to make an update to the blog, it was down. 

So, we are sitting in the Chicago area drop lot where we terminated our trip.  Another driver will come pick it up and make the final delivery.  We were so far behind it wasn’t even funny.  It started because we have been running into our 70 hour limits every single day. It didn’t help that at the previous delivery in Streetsboro,  Ohio that they didn’t have any empty trailers for 6s to grab and run with.  We ended up waiting until morning before they had empties available.  By then, we were already 5 hours behind schedule. 

We are still running into the 70 hour problems with just 3.5 hours today, gain 10 at midnight,  but then only gain back 2 the next day! As soon as the planners figure something out, I  will let ya’ll know.

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