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Answers to life?

Ok, apparently people are yelling and throwing fits that they demand I write a new blog. 8 still don’t have the answer to life or eternal youth. The stream A51 camera will no longer run the stream app. We are not going to use the A51 anymore. As stated on the status bar, the next trip and broadcast starts Tuesday morning. I am not sure what exactly it is people are demanding I write about or explain??

36 thoughts on “Answers to life?

  1. Well, what happened with many streams? I’ve noticed every stream after the one that got cut off at La Grande, Oregon is now gone. This means all the effort I put into listing every single place we passed through was in vain. I now feel I’ve wasted lots of hours into putting that together. Perhaps it has to do with the recent spam wave I’ve suffered as well (since they were mainly replies to my long lists, which of course I flagged)?

    1. I don’t know. YouTube apparently deleted 2 weeks worth of streams. I do not control what YouTube does. I am sure it was accidental on their part

      1. I think people are demanding you write about what is wrong with the livestream and why all the videos are gone from YouTube. I think you addressed what you could, but I think no one has any idea what happened to the deleted videos. If YouTube can get them back…great, if not…oh well. I wish people would recognize the inter-dependency between many different entities that is required for your broadcasts and recordings to come to be…as an IT professional I know firsthand. Us loyal roadcrew will continue to watch your broadcasts (which is really the highlight of your channel for all I’m concerned) and the others will simply get over it in due time. I wish you a nice next few days and look forward to seeing your broadcast on Tuesday.

        1. Well said and I totally agree that the highlight is the ride-alongs.

  2. They demand? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I admit I was very confused as to why there was no streams after Springfield. But a day later I figured it was time off or so.

    A lot of recent streams being gone from YouTube is due to some of the on screen information being gone/wrong or is that totally unrelated? I’m a bit confused as to what happened with that.

    See you on stream again Tuesday. Have a nice remaining time off. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป

    1. I am not sure what happened or what caused the videos to disappear

      1. They didn’t give any reason? Thats quite odd.

        Thanks for the reply Steve!

  3. To use a quote from the movie Cool Hand Luke, “Some men you just can’t reach.” I’m sorry people don’t understand that you do this as a favor for us. I am, as I’m sure a lot of are, appreciative of all that you do. Have a great rest of your break.

    1. Where is the like button when you need it? ๐Ÿ˜„

  4. Take your time have a good rest of your time off youโ€™re a human being after all ๐Ÿ™‚ been keeping a eye on the status bar every now and then ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I heard this somewhere. You can please some of the people all of the time and you can please all of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. You please me ALL of the time Steve.

    1. Green Bay Packers Jerry Kramer said that or something similar during America’s Game Story of the 1967 Packers on NFL Network!!

  6. Unfortunately, you have these type of people following you:

    Those who think that your schedule, streams, website, etc., revolves around them.

    Those who watch for a few hours and think they understand everything about how your streams, website, job, etc., operate.

    Those who, sadly, have no life of their own other than following your streams, etc.

    1. Excellent post!

  7. Good Evening and please don’t take this wrong .
    1st Steve doesn’t owe anyone anything and demanding and throwing fits isn’t a way to say you appreciate everything he does for us day in and day out every single day 365 days a year. Honestly if you don’t like what or how he is doing things maybe you should watch someone/something else. Put yourself in Steve’s shoes. Would you like someone harrasing you, demanding things from you, throwing temper tantrums ect. because someone wants this or that? The reality is Steve is human just like you and I and if I was Steve I sure wouldn’t want someone doing all of the above. Steve has an extremely big heart and he cares so much. Instead of harassing, demanding and throwing temper tantrums and critisizing everything he does why don’t we start supporting him more and telling him thank you. This is supposed to be a family and kid friendly place let’s show a good example to kids and how to be kind and appreciative all all that Steve does.
    Thank you Steve. Please know that you are a blessing and we appreciate you and all that you do.

    1. Amen!

    2. Well Said!
      We are so blessed by Steve’s efforts and all those who don’t need to get off their “high horses!”
      I am so sorry you go through this with others.
      Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday!
      Hope you got some rest.

    3. Could not agree more with you Stephenie.

  8. The vast majority of the BRT Roadcrew are patient and understanding….The others that complain and expect things to go the way they want are forgetting one very important thing.
    That is, we all are guests that are privileged to be able to ride along with Steve across the country and everyone needs to understand and respect what Steve does for the BRT crew as far as broadcasts, watch parties, video premieres, etc.

    For those that complain and demonstrate a lack of patience when glitches come up on Steve’s broadcasts, how would somebody like it if they hosted a party or invited friends to stay at their home for a visit, and no matter what the host would do to accomodate them, those guests do nothing but complain and hound the host to wait on them hand and foot.

    Most people would agree that if they were treated that way as a host, they would not like it.

    Steve’s first priority is his job including getting his deliveries and pickups done on time.

    If a problem arises with his ability to broadcast for whatever reason, he cannot be expected to make his job responsibities secondary to being able to broadcast.

    He has to take care of his job first before setting aside time to fix phones, website issues, etc.

  9. ive been with steve a long time hes always been kind and respectful at all times. he brings us something special a look at a world most of us will never see and that takes time and effort. remember patience is a virtue and kindness is self made. steve has much kindness for all and i am hornored to be a part of his road crew.thank you steve as always.

  10. So sorry to hear that people are giving you fits for something that they get for free. If they’re so impatient about not being able to watch a Big Rig road trip, they have other YouTube channels to watch in the meantime. Anyways, hope you’re enjoying your time off Steve. I and the loyal road crew members look forward to seeing you back on the road soon and ready to Mash It.

  11. King Steve, most of us understand how difficult it can be when you’re doing the best you can yet there are people who are never satisfied and make a point to complain. I, like most everyone else, appreciate the time and effort you put into “BigRigTravels” and don’t DEMAND or EXPECT you to do anything. We are happy and content with what you provide for us at your convenience. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    By the way, your video of the caves was outstanding.

    Also, the answer to life is a big bag of Cheetos and hot, fresh coffee from Love’s.

    1. My 2 cents. Most people are awesome. The handful that make it tough do cause a lot of grief. The main place I see it is on the FB site and blog. Moderators can take care of live streams. Don’t know if his email is also a problem. My suggestions, if it continues, is suspend blog comments and FB postings for a short time, if they are the problem. Steve needs his r&r undisturbed and any downtime after a day of driving. We have a good thing let’s not make it stressful.

      1. well said Tony

  12. Thanks for all you do Steve. I realize that there are many things out of your control. I look forward to your interesting trips.

  13. Steve, I believe you take our concern as hateful complaints & etc. We love watching you & your channel or we wouldn’t be here. Looking forward to Tuesday!

  14. Steve, I want to apologize for those that are demanding. I appreciate all that you do to allow us to ride along with you. We are your guests and thank you for the invitation. Enjoy your time off!

  15. Steve, I appreciate everything you do both on and off camera. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  16. Steve, you just keep delivering the goods safely and efficiently, weโ€™ll follow along and be thankful for the opportunity you give us.

  17. Nag, nag, nag…lol

  18. I don’t understand how people can complain, I have never complained because to me Big Rig Travels has been a life saver for me. You have been my eyes to places I will never be able to see. A little bit after i lost my leg, I found you and it helped me through a very hard time. To me you are doing something you love, one thing i have learned is the only thing that is constant is change and you can only do what you can. There are things that are out of your control, you do the best that you can for the road crew and I really appreciate that. Well,have a nice rest of tonight. be watching for you tomorrow, God bless you, Steve

    1. I thank you for your comment so much WC Momma Debbie!! i agree to the benefits of BRT viewing offers for the enjoyment of life.. You sure are an inspiration for all of BRT crew God Bless !!! Having said all this time now for===MASH-IT!!!

  19. steve we enjoy all of your hard work and your trips all the time

  20. Thank you Steve — your Road Crew appreciates you and your caring heart! Have a great day and I’ll be around!

  21. Steve when I’m able to catch your trip I notice there buffing monster which make sense to me the signal is not good and all depends on there you are at. I all so notice there place your you speed across it all so show where you at which is good its there. I bet a lot people don’t see that unless they watch you come on. Its neat to place I’ve never been which I like. Enjoy your time off until Tuesday and I will see you on Tuesday and stay safe Steve.

  22. When the channel goes silent, people get concerned. That is one of the situations when popularity occurs. It’s a burden all celebrities have to carry.
    Some even claim, it’s an obligation or a mandate if a content creator wants to maintain viewership.

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