Afternoon! Well it has been a pain driving today. First, it was way too early to get up and mess with the mountains and some ice in the dark to get to our delivery at 530am. Then taking the backroads of NY State Route 17 was an adventure, but was very scenic. I like looking at the snow in the mountains and trees, but only if it is clear roads! We made it to Avon for our pickup and have left there and we are on our way to delivery in Minooka, Illinois. Lots of winds today and from what I hear, things are a big mess in Indiana on Interstate 80. Right now, IH80 in Pennsylvania where we were driving yesterday is still closed due to multi pileups of trucks and cars…..

No more time to drive today before we hit our 14 hour limit. I think we have done our fair share of work for today! See you in the morning!