And the mess continues…

Well we woke up this morning and fought traffic to drop this load in a drop yard as planned. Now, I get word that we will in fact make the final delivery and it will be a live unloading delivery. Since we started our clocks early this morning, the delivery will start about our 13th hour. In order for us to legally do this trip successfully, we will now have to do an 8 hour split sleeper, which means we have to sit still for 8 hours before rolling towards the delivery. This 8 hour split sleeper rule suspends our 14 hour clock enabling us to make the delivery and not worrying about running past our original 14 hour limit.

Sit tight as we sit still for 8 hours. We will start broadcasting the trip to delivery about 5pm mountain time. We do have our next trip lined up so we can put this mess behind us and roll on down the highway. The next trip loads tomorrow morning and is preloaded.

10 thoughts on “And the mess continues…

  1. Yikes! What a mess Steve…thanks for the update. Hope you’re not too dizzy from going around in circles. Hang in there.

  2. Wow Steve
    That’s some hassle, I work for a German sports car company in the UK. We only carry our own product, to our own premises, saves a lot of headaches.

  3. Hi Steve,
    With the polar vortex hitting and slowing shipping in the N/NE, things could get really busy when the weather breaks. This could be the calm before the storm for the shipping industry! I enjoy riding on the dashboard with the rest of the road crew and I’m looking forward the the next trip! Hope you’re having a blessed and relaxed day. Safe travels!!!

  4. We’ve been on a winter storm warning for about 6 days (we are in mid-west MI). It was finally supposed to end tomorrow at 1 PM EST but it has once again been extended, this time until 7 PM tomorrow. The wind gusts from the west have been 31 mph. They’ve calmed down for the moment so we are now at 5* with a wind chill of -13*. When I got up this morning it was -6* with a wind chill of -26*. My bones are really aching. Stay safe Steve!! Good night.

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