And just like that …

things changed.  We arrived at the shipper in Brundidge,  Alabama only to find out they weren’t expecting us until Friday morning.  They put us in a door and was going to load us right away but then several other trucks showed up and had to get loaded first.  Because we started our day so early this morning making the delivery in Midland,  Georgia we are reaching close to our 14 hour clock.  We decided to drop the trailer in the door and will go pick it up in the morning.  See ya Friday morning! Bring coffee and donuts and cheetos!

12 thoughts on “And just like that …

  1. Steve, question for you, Do you have control of the temp inside the trailer or is that set by the shipper ? keep mashing it ! thanks.

    1. The customer tells me verbally and literally states it on the bills what temperature requirements their product needs. I then set the temperature on the trailer to match. I can’t just make up my own temperatures for fun. Btw, the trip journal shows the temperature settings for various loads. The reefer temperature can be set anywhere from -20F to +80F as well as be set to cycle mode or continuous.

  2. Hey Steve–confess that i was wrong when suggested at truck wash you should have cab spray washed.On hindsight that was stupid idea as wet wash would make for soggy messs But a good power vacuum of cab would help to alleviate the cheetoes and cookies and munchies allergies that you are experinecing!!! Hey just looking out for you Bye til the next MASH-IT

  3. Montgomery, Birmingham and Knoxville would be a much better route than Atlanta and Charlotte. The time savings alone gained by not going through Atlanta/Charlotte is well worth the change.

    1. Why? That route is longer. They watch my “out of route” mile percentages like a hawk. Plus, it doesn’t change my delivery appointment.

  4. Steve, you really need to quit saying it will be a quick load/swap. Every time you do, it turns into a very long wait. lolol Get some rest and I look forward to heading out in the morning. Any idea what time? Safe travels.

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