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And just like that…

a wrench was thrown at our delivery. We showed an open delivery appointment for today between 8am and 6pm. We rolled in and was turned away because they showed a firm appointment of 6pm tonight only. So we found a small truck stop down the road and will attempt delivery later today. Man, it is hard for a driver to manage his time efficiently when others send the wrong information to the truck! Guess at this point it really doesn’t matter since we are extremely close on our 70hr clock anyway. This will give me time to finally attack the trip journal!

44 thoughts on “And just like that…

  1. You’re a better man than me, I’d start throwing that wrench right back. Well, Danville is a nice little town, bet they have a greasy spoon that’s good and a little park. Enjoy, relax, breathe the fresh air.

  2. Oh dear Steve! Those monkeys and their wrenches!! I’m sure all will go okay — so enjoy your day!

  3. Well I’m glad you hot a place to kick back and relax for a few, but I’d be contacting the bosses and let them know about the mixup so it won’t happen again.

  4. Oh dear Steve, frustrating for you I’m sure. It was good to hear it was a monkey wrench that got thrown your way and not a blue mod wrench 🔧 lol. Enjoy your day and thanks for the update.

    1. but the monkeys are way worse than the mods!

      1. Idk, you’ve never seen Goss throw her wrench at someone. She’s got a strong arm. Lol

      2. Since monkeys are notorious for flinging their poo, be glad it was a wrench.

  5. Sounds like another miscommunication between the delivery point and the planners at Steve’s company……or else a miscommunication between the planners and Steve.

    The later delivery timeframe will delay the start of his 34 hour reset now.

  6. Seems to me the monkey’s need to step up their game a bit.You give them 100% & they give maybe
    50%. As hard as you drive to get the job done they could atleast get their part correct.Be safe & have a good day Steve.

  7. Steve Danville was my old stomping grounds when was stationed at near by Chaunute Air Force Base!! Indeed many airmen seemed to come here on week ends!! Do wonder if Bunny may still be around?? Oh well memories abound!!

    1. I was at Chanute too! 86-87 Missile Electronics.

      1. hi steve you think you might be willing to open up snow man eyes since where at the truck stop?

        1. Amen on Snowman!

          1. He’s open for business

  8. Hey Steve I’m a new to your video and it is awesome and thank you

  9. Heads up Steve. Things are about to get bumpy soon severe weather is heading your way with large hail tornados and strong winds

    I have a request for you. Do you think you can do a hard record of the severe weather when it moves through your area later and upload it to YouTube for us

    1. If anything horrible happens, you should already know I’d record it or go live

  10. Thanks for updating the trip journal 😃
    Always look forward to this part of the web
    site (along with EVERYTHING else of course!)

    1. You are welcome. I apologize I fell so far behind

      1. Hey I’m just grateful for you doing what you can. No apologies necessary. It’s not like you don’t have the equivalent of almost two full time jobs in a way! There’s not many people I know that have your work ethic. Thank you

  11. You seem to deal with alot of shipper BS games from what I’ve heard you say. A job is difficult enough without certain parties making it into something which is a grind because they don’t want to be fair with you, who really makes an effort to get there on time so you maximize what you are doing in 70 hours. The way I see it is many of these shippers have an agenda that you get to be abused by. Like many have said on here, you seem to do a good job about not telling these ignorant shippers what you think. If it were me and a shipper messed with my time let alone my patience, I’d say something to them they wouldn’t want to hear. Let’s just hope more people in trucking stand up for themselves because with all the propaganda and shipper agendas, I’m really surprised more transportation people aren’t on DC’s lawn demanding fairer treatment.

    1. Wow. So you yelling at the dock workers will fix problems that happen in other offices and buildings? Yelling at customers would only get you banned and your load refused. The appointment makers aren’t the same people on the docks. Yelling at dock workers doesn’t solve a single thing. This is trucking. Document time delays and move on. Getting upset only affects your health and mind and would never accomplish anything. It is much much easier to roll on, do the best you can to adapt to the constantly changing environment, and that’s it.

      1. You made a good point in the Ontario CA to Lodi CA video about how, even when you were dog tired, you still were able to somehow keep a cool head and be upset, but not so much to let the shipper agenda get to you. I guess I’m coming at it as someone who is frustrated to see all the businesses you serve close down like they have because someone may or may not get sick from whatever this mess is, which is dwindling the supplies you deliver to us.

        I know how hard your job is without a shipper deciding to not cooperate with you. I hear all the frustrations you deal with or hear about because we are on a teetering point where we’re going one way or the other and one way or another, there’s pluses and consequences which go with it. I’m just coming at this from the perspective of I think some shippers should respect they are even in business and not totally shutdown by King Xi P.

    2. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” is a very wise saying. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, just like the sky is blue, with or without someone believing it. Every seed planted has a harvest that will mature, producing exactly what each of us plant.
      Imagine a frustrated person yelling at another worker, that person blameless, & just last night that person received bad news concerning their health. The world is full of bad news, schedules that conflict, hopes that die.
      You want to be the one that pushes someone over the edge, or the one whose attitude lifts another? We all WILL reap what we sow.

      1. TK, very well said. If more people had that attitude the world would be a much nicer place to live. 🙂

  12. You’d think they could’ve lined you a trip earlier today. They knew you’d be empty before dark.

    1. But as of now, we only have 2 hours to use over the next two days…

  13. One reason why Steve burned through the 70 hour clock so fast is because he did not gain any hours back from last week because he was on time off then.

    Now, when he gets his 70 hours back after his 34 hour restart this week, he will be getting hours added back to the clock as he drives each day(up as far as the 70 hour limit)..since he will have driven within the prior 8 days and will have those hours gained back to the clock.

    1. Thanks for your explanation.

      1. Except Steve will be getting a full 70 hours back and doesn’t have to run up against the 70 hour clock. Otherwise he doesn’t gain anything back until Saturday.

        1. Yes…thats what I was trying to explain….He had a full 70 hr clock but was up against a time off week so he was not gaining anything back and ran the clock right down…..Now after this 34 hour restart,he will have 70 hrs back, but instead of running it right down, he will be gaining hours back each day so the clock will not run down as fast.

          1. Incorrect. When a driver takes a 34hr restart, he gets back 70 hours. Anything before the restart is nulled out. A restart starts everything back to zero. No time is gained back for the next 8 days, regardless of what was actually used before. You only gain back hours from previous days if you haven’t taken a restart. Again, once a restart is taken, all hours start from zero and nothing will be able to be gained back until another 8 day period elapses.

    2. So then as a truck driver it would seem like its not ideal to work long days in the week following time off without expecting to have a “restart” at the end. Working shorter days would at least get you hours back at the end of the period. So a 2,000 mile trip with a tight deliver window would not be great in this situation.

      1. well, in the end, 70 hours is almost two full time jobs a week. Don’t you want a trucker to have time to rest? Or would you rather them drive all day and all night all week and end up so tired that they start creating crashes? I personally feel that 70 hours a week is way more than fair to ask of anybody, much less one that drives on the highways all day long. If someone can’t make a good living working 70 hours a week, something is wrong.

        1. I agree, 70 hours is a lot to ask as is 11 hours of driving each day. I know how I’ve felt driving a super long trip in my own car. They should be lower but the trucking industry types would throw a fit since they want to work people to the max.

  14. Good morning, Steve. I am not always able to follow your trips, but I do check online to see where you are, and I take the time to watch your videos to enjoy the scenery. A lot of people keep up with you and pray for your health and safety each day. The monkey wrenches are only stopping points to give you rest and allow you to catch up on paperwork. God is taking care of you. Be safe and rest.

  15. Hi Steve

    You think you can turn on the live stream for a little bit so that way we can watch the trucks this truck stop seems too be a busy place

  16. So Steve since you didn’t get a trip today does that mean you will get one tomorrow

    1. I do not know the future. We will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings us.

  17. Didja get the quadcopter out today? 🙂

    1. No. It is at the house

  18. Okay….I understand now…On a 34 hr restart, the 70 hr clock resets and no more new hours are gained back until 8 new days have passed. Hours from previous 8 days are regained only when there is not a 34 hour restart to reset the 70 hr clock.

    1. 70 hour clock average 8 hours a day (with a couple days 1 or 2 hours more or less), trip distance and driving can be planned accordingly.

  19. Hi Steve

    Here the news about today event

    All so why dos it say time off the truck on the website status bar?

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