All records broken!

Good morning Road Crew!  Yesterday sure was a tough run on the backroads of Wisconsin!  Earlier in the day we reached 428 simultaneous viewers which beat the old record of 422. Then, on the backroads broadcast that was all snow and ice with virtually no roadway visible,  I was shocked to see that we reached our new record of 716 simultaneous viewers!!  That sure makes for a crowded truck! Many thanks to everyone who donated, your generosity is greatly appreciated.  I was shocked once again when I totaled up the donations from superchat and PayPal. I never imagined folks would donate more than $344 to a trucker for playing in the snow and blizzard!  OK, so it sure didn’t feel like playing lol. Many thanks to all who watch and support BigRigTravels!

We reached the delivery literally 2 minutes before they closed!  My plan was to do a fireside chat from the truckstop but instead spent the next 2.5 hours digging out my Bobtail from the snow drifts! The customer didn’t bother to plow a single inch of their lot and snow drifts are high enough to reach the bottom of the trailer frame! After I got free from the customer,  I didn’t feel much like broadcasting.

We will get rolling on the next trip shortly.

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