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Alabama sunshine

Good afternoon Road Crew! We finished up our delivery about 4am and took a nap. Our next loading appointment is scheduled for exactly midnight tonight but reading the reviews many drivers reported they showed up earlier and got loaded, so we will try that ourselves.

We will be trying a new platform for our broadcasts today. I have used them for our Road Crew Radio streams and love it. Now we will try out the mobile version. I want to get a few days testing in before paying the monthly subscription charge to use it to make sure it can handle long distance driving and buffer zones. Please let me know about quality or any other details using the new platform.

32 thoughts on “Alabama sunshine

  1. Good afternoon Steve! What is the new platform?

  2. Steve when I tune in earlier you nice and clear everything I heard with that dinging noise. Good luck with your new equipment that you’re trying out. You are a different time zone so I won’t be able to hear you tonight. I will catch you on the rebound tomorrow. Safe traveling Steve.
    Robin from Port Charlotte Florida

  3. Hi Steve — Streamlabs seems to be a great quality stream! Waiting for a buffering zone — that will tell the tale!

  4. Stream is by far better with this new platform. Crisper images, great video, better audio. My 2 cents. Youtube crashed a lot on my end. Still does if I’m trying to watch other live streams.
    Watching from Maine. Verizon is my internet.

  5. The picture is pretty good but the static/crackling noise is very annoying! I hope you don’t stay with this platform or find a way to get rid of the noise. It really ruins it. I’m not crazy about the Streamlabs watermark either but I could live with that. Maybe they only put it up there when you are using a trial version.

  6. Resolution on new platform seems really good both daytime and after dark. I do agree that the snap, crackle, pop can be pretty distracting.
    Thanks for trying to make things better! We truly enjoy following your travels.

  7. From what i saw today i like it, been watching sense jan. think its the clearest stream i’ve seen. It had a couple same buffers but was very short, color was perfect, does have the crackling but not that bad.I think it’s the first stream i can remember being able to read mile markers without pausing the stream. So in my opinion its lots better.Like you said just have to see what it does in the buffer states. As for today it was a plus.

  8. Picture is clear, especially in daytime. Darker than usual, as you said, at night. Reset my brightness on my iPad and it helped a tad. There is a little static. Wondering if that could become worse with time, or if it can be fixed. Also, objects appear smaller in the distance, but that may just be me! Seems to be an ok app over all. I’m just happy to be able to ride along and enjoy the scenery and the adventure!

  9. I caught part of the stream today. The video on the new platform (Streamlabs?) is fantastic. The audio has some static/interference; not as good as the old platform but not as bad as the external microphone experiment from a few months ago.

    Also, it’s nice to see you coming through my part of the world again. One of these trips our schedules will align, and I will get out to I-85 to give you a wave. 🙂 Safe travels and Lord bless.

  10. The video seems to hold good resolution and the buffers, so far, seem typical.
    But the audio…the crackling sounds like when audio is just a little too loud and the digital conversion distorts.
    And, the audio seems to have a cycle to it. Not sure what that’s all about.
    Probably going to need to fiddle with setting for awhile.

  11. So far, so good. Video quality is great. The crackling is annoying at times but I can live with it as long as the video quality stays this good.

  12. Steve, a couple of observations. During daylight the video stream still seems a bit choppy, not smooth, especially when objects close to you are moving like a car in the next lane. When you’re on a road alone and only trees in the distance they don’t seem choppy. Maybe its a setting for frames per second? Higher than 30fps might produce a little chop on fast moving objects. Definitely better than the last app test though but its not as good as the old Youtube way. There were some points where the video quality looked bad like before but I can’t tell if that is just your signal in that spot or the app changing the frame rate…or Youtube doing it. At night, the video stream as you mentioned seems a bit darker but its more clear. The audio stream does have some crackling still. Can’t wait to see the new website. I just finished one for my hobby (aviation) using WordPress.

    1. We only broadcast at 30fps and 720p. The choppy is probably due to poor signal…which we will never overcome as long as we rely on data cell towers

      1. Hi. Steve. What is the updates. Status on the truck ? Is it still in the shop? Is it done what has been happening?

        1. It went in for a simple calbit inspection. There were other trucks in line.

  13. Hi Steve. Streamlabs report: picture quality very good. Some pixellation when driving through an avenue of trees – to be expected. Crackling on sound proportional to the volume of road sound and speech, same as on Jens’ channel, but IMHO acceptable.

  14. Good morning Steve. I just tuned in at 5:20 am Tuesday 11/17 and the audio is much better! I still hear a little single static sound every few seconds, but it is much less distracting. The picture looks very clear.

  15. Steve, Streamlabs is great 👍. Better resolution, no pixelation. The audio is good. I vote for Streamlabs! You’ll never please everyone.

  16. Becoming used to the new app and loving it! Clear as a bell and the static has minimized to the point that it isn’t noticeable.
    The more I ride with you, the more I appreciate your attention to the details of safe driving, and I really appreciate it, Steve. Wouldn’t want to be riding with some of those other guys on the road!
    You mentioned buying an RV and rigging it out with cameras, and continuing to travel across the country after your retirement! That would be “fantabulous”, as you say! So glad I found you and Big Rig Travels, Aunt Jemima and the Road Crew! Thanks for the joy, everybody! God bless you and keep you safe.❤️🙏🏻

  17. Hi Steve, today the static sounds are gone, but it sounds very muffled and low-fi. I might be one of the few who actually loved to listen with headphones while working, even if I couldn’t watch because I love the sound of the road noise, but with this platform I don’t see myself ever wanting to listen for very long. I would not spend money for this new platform if I were you, unless there is a way to improve the sound quality.

  18. I don’t see much if any difference between test 1 & 2 except that the loose wire noise in one I is not in 2. The resolution is as good as I have seen for several years of watching, ie. the guard rail posts are not now z z z shaped and can even see some hub cap detail on passing vehicles.
    I believe the app is reasonably displaying what the camera in producing. Yesterday from the start to the wash-out the camera was generally facing the sun and picture had a light haze but when heading north the haze disappeared and the picture was very good, I was even able to read the roadside signs (pausing the picture). Going forward and back produced no issues. Today has had same haze except when under a bridge, heading west or when another truck passes. Snowman’s picture also shows the haze so I assume this is not an app issue. I also cast the stream to 60” tv and picture was very good, same light issue. When you stopped for fuel in GA the light direction changed and the picture was perfect on the tv.
    I don’t know what can help the lighting issue but the app appears to work fine.

  19. Iaorana Steve from Polynesia. After multiple eye surgeries I had to quit watching the pixilated buffer feeds and what a pleasure to see this crystal clear feed (audio and video). Thank you for all you and the mods do. Seeing America from here is a joy!

  20. Hey Steve and all BRT world!!! i cant say that at least for me picture really not any better except when pass under bridge and in shade then is super super clear!! But back in sun light still hazy seems worse then bdfore==at least for me!! So lets see what works best and as always===you’re the best !!! Masher par none!!

  21. Watermark is gone now , but static seems to have returned. Doesn’t seem quite as loud as at first. Thanks so much for working hard to keep quality high for the crew.
    You do a great job showing us the country and just plain keeping us entertained. Go Steve!!!!!

  22. For today’s redo of new platform. Watermark is gone now , but static seems to have returned. Doesn’t seem quite as loud as at first. Thanks so much for working hard to keep quality high for the crew.
    You do a great job showing us the country and just plain keeping us entertained. Go Steve!!!!!

  23. The writing across the screen were subscribers! Nothing to fix about that!
    Picture clear! Slight static, but not bad. Loving the ride! 👍👌

  24. This static is an issue for sure. Not good. What does the Streamtime prople say? It is unwatchable.

  25. It’s all in the way they encrypt the data packets, and how much they buffer up front to smooth out the slow spots. There is always going to be a trade off between streamers so staying with YT will at a minimum provide you with expertise in a bigger way.

    Starlink will be about as cool as it gets when it becomes available. They placed a few Starlink dishes/antennas in California around the wildfire areas and it got excellent reviews for speed and almost no packet loss. Elon Musk has an eye on equipping all Teslas with a Starlink receiver in the next model year.


    1. I agree with your Starlink info. I’ve been keeping up with it for a couple of days.

  26. hi Steve

    would this downtime be good for a 34hr restart ? or will we come up just short of that ?

    1. I’ve been wondering as well if a restart is coming up anytime soon.

  27. Is the truck having anything major going on, Steve? I don’t remember you saying anything about it.

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