Morning.  Afternoon.  Evening. 

Day of rest, midnight delivery lastnight.  We load up tomorrow morning. 

13 thoughts on “Afternoon 

  1. Take it easy today Steve you deserve it , already looking forward to the next trip in to California, all the best Steve thanks for every think you do and also taking us with you ,cheers mate .

  2. Enjoy the afternoon Steve! Definitely, you deserve this rest day! Take care, Mr.Driver. All Road Crew is looking forward to our next trip. I hope, the next trip will be without any problem! I pray for your good health.
    Good bye on the road and sleep well 🙂

  3. My dad always used to joke: You can’t sing “Standing on the Promises” if you’re sitting on the premises!

  4. Hey Steve… I was listening to you early Monday morning as you were trying to get the trailer washed out and head to the shipper…. I was listening about your health concerns – is there any way you can stop at one of those Urgent Care type centers to see what is ailing you? At least something to make you feel better without the concerns of a hospital and also after 4 days the company comes and takes your truck.

  5. WALK IN CLINIC HERE. PARK AND CALL A TAXI CAB. Google Earth shows quite a large parking area so truck will probably fit somewhere on the premises.

    Ppcc Urgent Care Clinic
    335 SW 13th St, Ontario · (541) 889-8410
    Open today 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    If you do have the flu it is something to not mess around with. they will give you a steroid shot and a prescription for Thermaflu. Both will help.

    Jim MR. ZZYZX

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