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Adventure Saturday

Well Saturday was a day full of adventure for sure! We made our delivery, then played bobtail Bob while looking for an empty trailer, then saw about 30 police cars chasing an 18 wheeler in Cincinnati, swapped trailers again, got stuck in heavy traffic then ended our day running the backroad detour through Kentucky! Who says bigrigtravels is boring? 🙂 many thanks for all the folks that have sent in their audio clips. It’s great to hear the voices, and places from all around the world with a personal touch!

I did change the route for this trip. We are a bit too tight on time and very heavy so running up and down and all around the Rockies in Colorado would actually put us at a disadvantage. We will run 70 to Kansas, up 29 and swing the backside of Lincoln then roll across 80. It is only about 15 miles longer, but we will save time not dragging 79,000+ through the mountains. No fear, we will do the mountains one day soon.

16 thoughts on “Adventure Saturday

  1. And I was looking forward to Monday’s run through the Rockies. In any case, you know best Steve.

  2. Audio clips? I think I missed that part.

    1. I missed that part too. Maybe something with YouTube stream? Don’t get to follow this part of Steve’s adventures as much as it’s blocked at work and usually just don’t have the time 🥺
      Perhaps Steve can elaborate please?!

      1. If you listen to his breaks, and end of trip, you’ll here sound clips that people send in saying where they’re from and they watch Big Rig Travels. Just record 5-8 seconds and email to Steve. Go back to the end of last night’s broadcast and you’ll hear a couple. Or the start of today’s broadcast for a couple more.

        1. Thanks, I appreciate it 🙂

  3. You did a really good job yesterday, Steve, considering everything. As far as the mountains, you know what is best for you, like you said, there will be another time.
    Will be watching for the next stream, hope everything goes smooth for you today. Take care and God bless.

  4. Hey road crew – if you were watching that police chase in Cincinnati live with Steve yesterday, here is the story

  5. Steve,
    I am originally from Cincinnati and called my cousin and found out what happened. Did some research this morning and this is what I found below.
    From your road crew…the other Tom from Syracuse, Nebraska.

    Driver in custody, hostage taken to hospital; Semi-involved chase ends in Cincinnati.

    The hostage in the semi-involved chase in Cincinnati is the driver’s wife, WCPO-TV reported.
    State Highway Patrol began pursuing the semi when they received a 9-1-1 call regarding a reckless driver.
    The pursuit began on I-75 south in Butler County. The driver traveled on Fort Washington Way, then headed north on I-71 before getting onto I-275 west where he began driving in circles near Kellog and Asbury roads.
    Officers learned the incident was a hostage situation and called SWAT to the scene.
    A SWAT sniper shot a .50 caliber rifle round into the engine block, assisting in disabling the vehicle.
    The driver threatened to kill himself with a knife as officers approached the semi and stun gunned him. He was taken to the hospital and is in custody.
    His hostage was also taken to the hospital and is thought to have a broken leg, according to WCPO.
    The driver is out of state and will have charges in Hamilton County. He is also reported to have an aggravated assault warrant in Georgia.

    1. Read it started as a domestic violence call. I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife has been a ‘hostage’ for a very long time. A victim of
      battered person syndrome. ‘Person’ because it can go both ways. Due to the psychological aspects of the relationship, it is extremely difficult for the
      victim to leave. The husband has a record of violence and I can’t imagine how horrible it was for her especially in such a small space.
      No chance for a finding a peaceful place for a while.
      Pray she gets the help she needs so she can move away from that abusive life and please consider donating to batter persons shelters.

  6. Awww damn. The scenery on 70 thru the Rockies is awesome!

  7. I 64 has not been treating you right this year the delay and detour yesterday brings back memories of your trip in February where the bridge in WV was closed. You wound up sleeping on the side of 64 until they woke you and told you to go. Messed up your delivery as I recall.

  8. Steve, are all the trailers you pull leased? I assume there are companies that own fleets of empty trailers that are used to move freight from place to place. Again, I guess the leasing trailer company can somehow keep up with their trailers use and location. Are the trailers equipped with a GPS type phone-home system? Not much info about this process of trailers.

    1. yes, all the trailers are gps tagged

  9. Hi Steve what’s with the lack of hrs coming back has of late ? This is like the 2nd 34hr restart you had to do since coming back from time off

    1. we came back from time off on the 8th. we took a restart on the 16th. now, we ran out of hours again on the 24th. Pretty simple, we are using up our hours on trips…..

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