A new Friday

Howdy and welcome to a November Friday!  So it’s been a struggle moving to the new servers but we are making progress . We have been on the old Legacy server since we started our website back in 2008. Since then we have grown dramatically in website content size and viewership meaning we use more bandwidth than ever before! These new servers are more robust and uses newer languages,  php, and will make a noticeable difference in the way we use it. One of the differences you can notice right away is the snowman image now automatically updates in every browser including Google Chrome!  You should also notice faster response times across the whole website.  Yes, this has also tripled our server and hosting expenses but it was a required move since we can’t expect to run a complex website like BigRigTravels using ten year old equipment!

We will continue our trek across Montana and eventually South Dakota ….

7 thoughts on “A new Friday

    1. All the good stuff I mentioned and the only thing you notice is the camera fell as we went off the air? Lol

  1. hi steve what is happening are we stuck there on the side of the freeway for tonight ? not the best way too spend the night thats for sure so how did thing turn out been following the snowman cam the hole time good thing you had some back up help out there and had a state trooper come out

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