A glitch? Say it isn’t so!

Good Wednesday morning from our delivery docks in Manchester, Pennsylvania. What a nice long trip we had from one end of the country to the other. Lots of miles covered in a short amount of time. Once we get done unloading here, off to the shop we will go for the standard oil change, and regular maintenance for the truck. We will also use this time for a 34 hour restart so we can do more heavy driving.

Over the next day or two, you may notice a few glitches regarding the YouTube videos on the website. Apparently, YouTube doesn’t like the way we are embedding the videos and they have asked me to change a few things. Strange thing is, I use the very same codes that I always have and they come directly from YouTube itself. Well, actually it’s a bit more involved than that since we do pull channel data to display on our website too. No worries, I will get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

10 thoughts on “A glitch? Say it isn’t so!

  1. Good morning and welcome to the Keystone State! Hope you get the YT thing figured out ( I would not have even noticed anything was wrong or that there were any glitches).
    Only thing we see that could hang up the live stream would be the occasional buffering, but that’s unrelated to the embedding issues.
    Hope you get to take a breather as part of the 34 hour restart. it’s well deserved after almost 3000 miles!

  2. Hey Steve walk on over to the KOA get you a cabin on the Swatarra Creek nice relaxing place with good food and folks! Or catch a ride to Fort Indiantown Gap take a tour of the base super interesting! Be sure to catch a bite at Moose’s cafe!

  3. The Swatara Rail Trail goes through Jonestown, PA. It leads 2.4 miles north to Swatara State Park and an intersection with the Appalachian Trail. Very scenic area along Swatara Creek. Just a thought if you have some good weather for your 34 hour restart. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  4. Following you from Montrose, Colorado. Love your website and travels. Keep up the good work.

  5. Great trip Steve…Almost 3000 miles…no glitches!!….i was glad to be able to see and wave to you this past Tuesday…You are a great host…see you soon!…Tom G

  6. Welcome back to PA….I live about 30-40 miles North of the PA turnpike in West-Central PA so it is always neat to follow your broadcasts along the turnpike

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