A continuing effort….

While I am always trying to make the website easier to use, add more features, and make visiting BigRigTravels.com more pleasant to visit, I have updated the donations page. Previously, donations were only allowed using a PayPal account. I have finally caught up and adjusted the donation page to allow not only the usual PayPal buttons, but now you have the option to use any credit or debit card as well. With one screen, you can now decide exactly how much to give, and if it will be a one time donation or an automatic monthly donation using your credit card or PayPal account.

It costs an average of $600 a month to run the website. Where does the money go you ask? Here is a list to give you an idea.
Website Hosting of all files including security software, firewalls, and security certificates.
Mobile Data for all the website dynamic information (GPS driven) and both Snowman and LIVE Broadcast cameras.
Numerous software, applications, plug ins, and extensions that makes the website function the way it does.
Hardware and equipment such as phones, cameras, computers, insurance, etc.
Administration fees from transactions and printing of Store merchandise.

I have been mightily blessed by the numerous and continued contributions from the website viewers. I have always offered the website for use by all for absolutely free and ALWAYS will. I appreciate each and every gift, donation, and store sale. I also appreciate EVERY viewer even if they have never donated a dime. I am not making this post to beg for money, but rather, to simply let everyone know there is now a new way to donate. If interested, click the donate link in the menu bar up top. Thanks for making BigRigTravels the best trucking and real time travel website (and family friendly too!) on the internet!

6 thoughts on “A continuing effort….

  1. hi steve wish is right the snow man cam says where in oakland OR why the GPS says we are in Yoncalla OR did the town get renamed ?

    1. It just depends on which GPS location it’s picking up. It’s two different apps that supply the info,

  2. all so steve did you noted that has soon has you exit CA that you went right in too a pattern change from high and dry CA to more showery OR has you headed N

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