Good Sunday Morning from Dock Door #247 in Shelbyville, Indiana!We are finally in a door after having had to wait an hour and a half past our appointment just to get this far! After here, we will go back into Indianapolis for a trailer washout then head to the next shipper then on down to Kentucky – or as close to it as possible before running out of time today.

I talked again with my webserver folks and they helped me do tracers on the paths of the website. It turns out that the website is good, the servers are good, but the hangups and timeouts happen on three servers in between us! Nothing anybody can do except wait for the other servers to start behaving! Yes, I know it is a big pain, but hang in there. Refreshing the pages seems to work for now if need be.

Guess what? Happy Anniversary to ME! Nine years ago today in Irving, Texas, I graduated trucking school and started life on the big road. Lots of adventures have crossed my path since then and I have met some of the best Road Crew anybody could ever ask for!

Here is this week’s Sunday Video: