Afternoon to ya from 7,000 feet higher than where we started out this morning! Our day started at 3AM and it was still HOT! We made our delivery and those folks took forever to unload us. Finally we got done with that and headed off to the trailer washout a few streets over. Then we sat with the doors open so the trailer would dry in the sun since the next shipper needed a perfectly dry trailer with no moisture. Then we scooted on over to Tempe and got loaded there. Busy busy day today. We made the long trip uphill to Flagstaff, Arizona where there is a nice breeze and alot cooler! We still have two hours left on our 14 hour clock, but heck, I have had enough for today! Time to stop and relax!

At one of the rest areas on Interstate 17 North on our way up the big hill, I took these two photos. Clicking on them will take you to the original phone files so you can save them and use as a desktop or wallpaper. Enjoy! More videos from our ride yesterday through Nevada coming up later tonight or tomorrow. Hope you did get to see at least a little bit of the ride today.