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4/22 update

Ok, so just to update everyone, we arrived at the shipper and our trailer was preloaded. It was okay, but we did have to fight with the tandem pins that wouldn’t pull back allowing us to move the wheels to a better position. Finally got things to move after using WD40 and a mallet.

We left the shipper and made it to love’s with just 2 minutes left on our 70!! Friday we gain 9 hours, then just 5 more on Saturday. Today we did a delivery and a pickup and still managed to get in 467 miles. No alarm clock in the morning! See ya then!

4 thoughts on “4/22 update

  1. WD-40 and a hammer – 2 out of 3 tools every toolbox needs – the other is of course duct tape. Nice job Steve.

    1. You need a vice grips to pinch an air line. If you’re old school. Otherwise wait for repair truck.

  2. Wow Steve, they are really pushing you against this clock. How much more before you get your hours back?
    In any case, you are showing through your streams how one can persevere through adverse situations and I will be so thankful when you get your 70 hours back in full. Have a great day, Friday.

    1. He wont get his 70 hrs back in full unless he does a 34 hour restart (or takes time off) Otherwise he only gains back each day what he drove 8 days prior.

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