34 Hour Rest

Good Morning and hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving dinner. We finished up our trip yesterday and made our delivery a few hours earlier than anticipated.  The next trip is now posted but it is not scheduled to be picked up until Saturday morning. This will allow us to go ahead and take a full 34 hour restart and get back 70 hours – which will be badly needed in order to make the next trip even possible. Yup, that means at a minimum, two 600+ mile days this weekend. Now, with the ice and snow forecasted in the Rocky Mountains and the heavy traffic as everybody comes back from visiting their family for the holidays, the schedule might have to be adjusted of course. Safety is always the first and most important so if Colorado activates the chain laws, we will park it. This trip will take us to San Diego, California which is a place we have delivered to only once before and I think that was before I even started broadcasting. The second delivery will take us within five miles of where I grew up as a kid! I know I won’t recognize anything though since 45 years or so is a longtime for the landscape to change and build up. I actually get to take a day off while Friday traffic will be horrible with every shopper out racing to the malls and stores and thinking more about the next gift purchase rather than driving safely! Go ahead, ya’ll have fun out there, I’ll just sit tight LOL.

Good ride yesterday, rest up and I will see ya’ll bright and early Saturday morning as we first head to the shipper then hopefully drop and hook to our preloaded trailer then get as many miles in each day as our tine clocks allow in order to make both deliveries in San Diego on time! The holiday freight rush is on! Come join me as we tackle the impossible!

7 thoughts on “34 Hour Rest

  1. Great relaxing ride for us yesterday. Enjoy the down time. By the way you mentioned the other day your rig is nearing the time where it may be replaced. As long as you’ve been driving for these guys along with the right being your hoi, they need to pop for an A.R.I. custom sleeper for you. Anyway, I enjoy the channel and blog. Get some well deserved rest and safe travels. Will tune in tomorrow.


  2. It might be a good thing you’re not heading out/up today: I-70 looks pretty white up on the passes, but you probably already knew that. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a park, museum, or anything interesting segwayable from that truck stop. And the impossible seems to be your specialty. 😉 Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. Actually, I’m talking with planners. Trying to get more time to deliver and route change due to chain laws and more snow ice forecasted

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