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Howdy! It sure is dark as we sit in the dock while they try to drive their forklift through the front of the trailer! Sometimes the loaders are easy and gentle; others feel like they are just trying their best to destroy everything! It’s 5am – do you know where your favorite trucker is? It was great to do a live chat with you guys yesterday afternoon. It’s always nice to talk with the folks who follow me around the country.
This trip will be an easy one with a delivery either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Cowton is where we’re headed. I used to work on corporate aircraft at Meacham field just a few blocks away from the stockyards where they filmed parts of Walker, Texas Ranger starring Chuck Norris when they always ended the show as they met up at the White Elephant.

Trivia question for ya – If you were driving my big truck and you came upon this sign, what can a trucker legally do? Can you turn right? Turn left? Or, must you only go straight? Yup, we encountered this sign in California. (No, I was not taking pics while driving!)

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