Restart Again

Good evening to all. We just did a 34 hour restart last Friday and here it is Thursday night and we will need to do another restart. We arrived in Barstow, California with just half an hour on our 11 hour clock and 5.5 hours on our 70 with only 56 minutes being gained over the next TWO days! We have really been doing very tight trips that required us to drive every hour possible. The downside to that is we burn up our clocks fast but the upside is we are turning the wheels making a good living and showing off the beauty of America! I though about it and ran several scenarios through my head and decided that we will do better if we take time to do a restart then as soon as our restart is completed we will take off and head North through California, Oregon, and Washington State. In order to still make ontime delivery first thing Monday morning, we will have to run every mile we can on Saturday and Sunday then finish up Monday morning any miles we are short on. Doing it this way will still allow us ontime for this trip and yet have a full slate of 70 hours to run the rest of next week with. This is normally the slow freight time of year but hey, let’s run everything we possibly can while we can! The load we brought here to Barstow will be taken to the final delivery in Oakland by another driver. The Trip Journal has been updated.

Broadcast Silence

Good Thursday morning and welcome to the last day of February! Hopefully spring is around the corner! Below is a data tower map of Interstate 70 between Green River, Utah and Interstate 15. As you can see, virtually nothing available for us to broadcast this morning. The snowman camera will still be available to send an image or two out now and then in the meantime. If you want to see the areas of no signal just visit the Video Vault in the menu then scroll down to the section called No Signal Tapes to find many recorded videos I made in areas where we had no signal. We will gain our signal back around Salina, Utah.