Aw man!

Well, things went astray! I tried to update the live broadcast window on the website tonight. There is a new version out which completely replaced the previous one with tons more features available directly on the BigRigTravels website including chat, dynamic info, etc. Of course,  with more features,  things got more complicated in the way we specifically use and customize it for our use. In short, I’m lost as to where I went wrong implementing the new codes. Hopefully our resident hamster technical mastermind can bail me out lol. As soon as we can, the live broadcast window will return . In the meantime,  you will need to watch directly on the BigRigTravels YouTube channel.

..  Sorry folks.

Utah bound!

Good Sunday morning everyone.  We load this morning here in Richland,  Washington then head towards Salt Lake City,  Utah for our delivery.  Yesterday , Saturday morning after delivery in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, we walked a bit on the pier at the lake. It was a nice visit and a calm and peaceful morning to enjoy a cup of coffee with a Road Crew member.

Also, I mentioned in the broadcast that I would share the documentary video about the building of the Vantage Bridge in Vantage, Washington. This is the same bridge that became the logo for! Unfortunately,  I cannot seem to locate that video that a Road Crew member shared via email awhile ago. Perhaps they can link to it in the comments below.  In addition,  here is this week’s Sunday Video selection.