Monday. Again!

Good morning! Well this past week sure has been filled with one delay or another.  After pushing hard to reach Idaho from Pennsylvania,  we got interrupted by restarts and truck services. We then had an overnight run to Oregon then was all set to race back across the country to New York.  We sat Saturday waiting for the load to be ready. We went to pick it up on Sunday but more problems with the load which resulted in us waiting for answers for several hours  before the trip was officially voided. We then got another trip , this time to Phoenix,  Arizona.  We wake up to go get this preloaded trailer and are once again facing load information troubles!  At first , it was incorrect numbers,  then it bloomed into another driver has already checked in for that load. What a mess it has been lately!  So, here is a recap of this past week …

Tuesday – Wednesday sat for our required 34 hour restart. Thursday sat all day because of the truck’s 300,000 services.  Friday wait to load for an overnight run. Saturday delivery then wait for the New York run to be loaded . Sunday,  problems with the load and trip was voided.

That brings us to today….. And we are starting out with more problems with this load . Are we still going to Phoenix ? I have no idea right now.  I’m just as lost at this point as you guys are. All we can do is keep trying and see what happens.  This is why my Dad always taught me to save and bank money when times are good so you have some available when times are slow!