New York to Idaho

Good Saturday morning to ya. Hopefully you enjoyed the trip yesterday through the Southern Countryside of New York State!  I sure enjoyed the hills, turns, and beautiful farm buildings.  I did make a recording of our trip after delivery yesterday as we headed South on New York State Route 8 through New Berlin . Currently we are down in Pennsylvania getting loaded for our long trip back to the West. We will be very heavy so at times its going to be slow climbing but we will give it all we have ! The next few days will be long and 500+ mile days. There is a very good chance we will actually be going only as far as Salt Lake City,  Utah since we are now overdue on our California BIT inspection. Lots of miles either way!

Here is a nice photo of a big barn on a hill as seen from our delivery droplot yesterday.  Looks like the trailer on the right turned into a pumpkin!