New year??? You sure?

Boy, I sure am aggravated! I was really hoping this new year would start off with at least a few trips that worked as planned!  the load we went to pick up in Belvidere was supposed to have been preloaded at 1am this morning.  I was all set to go in, grab it, then roll out! Well, it isn’t happening like that! Instead,  I find out it wasn’t preloaded and they don’t expect to get to it until tomorrow night?!  This now makes me late for the delivery which will have to be rescheduled.  This also means we will lose our next 1500 mile trip we had lined up after this one! Man, really wish things would settle down and start working out properly!  Ggrrr 


Good morning and welcome to a brand new  year!  We are currently unloading at a local delivery we picked up lastnight.  As soon as we are done here, we will turn the cameras back on and start our Tenth Year of broadcasting LIVE from the open roads! We have our next two trips lined up already.  I tried working on the new website coming up, but after several days of the laptop just not cooperating,  I gave up and took it in for repair.  Come to find out, the main hard drive had failed!  I decided to go ahead and get both internal drives replaced at a cost of $542! Expensive,  but now the task of reinstalling all my applications and Software!