Two Days Left!

Morning.  Afternoon.  Or whatever it is. Very long night lastnight.  The second delivery unloaded the entire truck then realized they weren’t supposed to get it all. They put some back on the trailer (since we still have another delivery drop). So, we pulled away from the docks and closed and sealed the doors. I just finished delivery paperwork when they bang on the door asking me to back into the docks again.  Seems they put too much back on this time! Great. Now the seal was broken,  time to change the paperwork to reflect new seal numbers,  get signatures,  etc. Oh well,  we have our final delivery tonight. 

Two days left to prevent order your shirts! You can also reserve shirts if you cannot pay for them now. Just email me the info so I can at least get them printed.  Notice I said EMAIL. Please don’t ask me to reserve through chat, comments,  blog, or the other 16 places folks send me messages lol. Email your request / reservation to