Front Royal 

Morning.  Monday.  Morning. 

Howdy. We are currently in our door and unloading right on schedule.  I can already feel them running the forklift around in the trailer. This weekend we also used our built-in 34 hour restart so no we start this morning off with a fresh 70 hours to run. 

Apparently,  the email contact form in the website no longer works as I have been getting reports that emails are never reaching me. Until I can remove that form, use the direct email.  If you previously sent emails using the form, please resend. 

Next trip loads tomorrow morning but we will head on down as soon as we are released from this delivery. 


Morning!  Making our delivery right now then get the rest of the day off. The next trip loads tomorrow morning then off to Virginia! 

This morning we reached our 10,000the YouTube subscriber!  Many thanks for watching my travels and for making BigRigTravels the go to channel for Live reality trucking!

Snoqualmie Pass

Morning! We have our next two trips lined up. The first trip takes us up, through, and over Snoqualmie Pass and through some backroads to the banks of the Snake River on the Washington and Idaho Statelines! Looks like it will be a good ride into new territory if the broadcast signal holds….

Ghost Trip!

Howdy! Well, we have terminated our trip in Sumner, Washington. After rushing to get here and facing an all night drive to Idaho, this trip is now a ghost trip! I really can’t discuss the details, but for us, the trip is cancelled. There was a big mixup in a few places, and it wasn’t on my end…..

Had a wonderful time the last few days, but of course, it was way too short! Verytired here so will make this short for tonight. Tomorrow we will get a new trip and find out what the trucking life has to offer us.


Afternoon from Troutdale, Oregon! We just completed one of the most beautiful broadcasts ever I think. The sun was behind us and the Columbia River Gorge was fantastic! Make sure you check it out.

Yesterday I had fun on the segway and made a two hour tour of historical downtown Baker City, Oregon and explored the local hiking trail. Very nice city!

We have our delivery late tonight then once that is complete, I will be taking time off. I will go check out Crater Lake then take my time coming back up the Oregon coastline!


Happy midnight! Arrgh. Well I was doing alright then took a nap. Woke up, was still tired, so laid back down. Missed dinner too! We were delayed waiting on another driver to bring us a loaded trailer. We were scheduled to pick it up in the afternoon but he was delayed which of course delays us. Now, it is up to us to take up the slack and make ontime delivery! We can do it though. After we complete delivery I will get four days off for a minivacation. 


Morning! We are sitting in the dock of our delivery location and they are unloading us 4 hours early! It was a nice overnight run up through Idaho. Since we are ahead of schedule, we will try to make it to Boise and get sleep!

Our next trip is posted and we will start working on that later today I’m guessing