We attempted our first delivery but was turned away. I am waiting for news on the new rescheduled delivery time… Hang out and get rest while we can since I am willing to bet our new delivery appointment will be midnight!


Update… Our delivery has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning and the final delivery pushed out as well… Guess that means a free day to throw snowballs at the road crew!

BTW many thanks for helping the website out by doing all your shopping through my links. It is appreciated and I just got the numbers for November and December and y’all done good! Remember, that works everyday of the year not just during Christmas.


Good morning.  Well as I’m sure you have seen on the news reports, Texas is one big mess right now. Blizzards, ice and snow in the entire area of where our travels will take us. Interstate 40 is closed between New Mexico and Oklahoma. Interstate 27 south of Amarillo and all the way to San Antonio is pretty much a standstill according to live traffic maps…. I think I will go back to bed because there is no point in rushing to get into that mess just to be stuck in the middle of it. We will be late for our first delivery but I am sure there will be alot of late freight because of this storm. On the map below, the gray dots is ice and snow on roads and the blue is closed roads due to flooding…  We will take another look at things in the daylight…


A few observations about us waking up to negative 19 yesterday in Rawlings, Wyoming…

When we stopped for dinner yesterday in Lamar, Colorado, it was 30 degrees. A full 50 degrees warmer yet still not even above freezing!
Another observation is my trailer is currently set to maintain a negative 10 temperature. I noticed it had the heater running to WARM UP the trailer to negative 10… Now THAT’S cold!