What a mess!

Good morning! Well last night did not go all too well. Nope, no accidents or anything major just alot of different things happened…

I tried to do a short trip from Syracuse, NY to Rochester, NY but since we did another delivery earlier in the day, I figured it might cause problems with our 14 hour limit. Well, it did. We were forced to leave the property and look for parking elsewhere. Nothing close of course, and no street parking either. They finally finished unloading about 3:15 AM and they charged $600 to unload!! I have never seen any lumper service that high priced before! The most ever paid for unloading previously was out in California and it was closer to $350. I had to get special permission to pay that amount but did get it done. I knew it would be trouble…..

Earlier in the day I stopped for food because I knew dinner was going to be hard to come by. I bought a spaghetti plate and salad at the travel center. I about choked to death when the bill came to $30.57!! For one plate of sketties!! Since I had to get to the delivery ASAP, by the time I got to finally eat it was stone cold! I could have gotten a ribeye steak dinner for about half the price at the truckstop!

Be patient with the snowman images and GPS information as they might be giving me trouble now and then. The phone that runs both programs is finally giving out and dying. The phone restarts about every 15 minutes or so now….. It used to be once every week or two, but now it is purely stupid what is going on with it. I am going to try to bring another phone into service to get things working properly again….

The trip posted may or may not happen. It is what we are going to do for now, but I am going to do some heavy talking. It is a night trip and once again probably will interfere with the 14 hour rule. I will let you know what happens.