Interstate 70

We finally got loaded about 13 hours late! We came up with a new plan and still get me back for my time off. I’m going on a two day paddle boat ride on the Mississippi River!! We will have a full day tomorrow and will do everything that we can in the time allowed… Ha ha snicker!


Good morning. Rainy day today and lots cooler! We will go pickup our loaded trailer here in a few minutes then hit the road almost nonstop to Missouri! This should be a quick drop and hook this morning….

UPDATE: Oops! Quick is not the word for today! I arrived hoping to just grab our loaded trailer and go. Nope! It has not been loaded yet, it hasn’t even been put in a door yet! The loading time was supposed to be just before midnight yesterday…but it is estimated to be another 4-6 hours before loading even begins! On boy, this ruins on time delivery and our next trip for sure!… Standby for more updates…