Welcome to Wapakoneta, Ohio! Years ago I spent a weekend here and explored the area and really enjoyed myself! There are more things to explore in the small towns than folks would imagine. You can click the flower icon and go to the photography site, then photography by state, then Ohio!

I am sure most of y’all were still asleep when we got our trailer washed out this morning…but I drove up to one wash bay then was told to go to the center one. I did. The guy ahead of us took forever!! Then while we waited our turn, two more trucks in the lane we started out in got washed yet we were there first! Finally we got in and the yahoos took my only two load locks! When I got to the shipper I told them they were in the back of the trailer…but nope, none there! In order to get loaded I had to run to a truck stop about ten miles away and buy some at a cost of $50! While I am not sure, I think the two additional load locks on the back of the cab were stolen in the last week. Guess I better lock things up from now on. Quite often in the truck stops I here guys selling load locks….

Long day tomorrow and we will be racing against the clock for the week!


Another early start this morning. We scooted on over to the Blue Beacon trailer wash in Indiana. We will continue on towards the shipper in Michigan then roll what we can into Georgia!