The Armadillo

Welcome to Amarillo, Texas. Wait, what? Did we take a wrong turn? We were supposed to take US highway 54 through the back roads but looking at the traffic and conditions, the two lane roads were a total mess. Being well below freezing, back roads, night, I decided it would be easier to stay on Interstate 40. At least looking at the traffic and road conditions, they are in much better shape! True, it makes the trip 110 miles longer but better to stay on the big roads that get plowed!! Anybody remember the last time we did back road driving on unplowed roads? Check out this video a full 24 hours after a winter storm came through Friona and Amarillo. We sat on the bridge in Amarillo for two hours without moving!

Messy roads

Good morning. I sure am glad we stopped when and where we did. Sloppy roads and multiple accidents shut different places on IH40 down. Looks like Albuquerque is still getting pounded by snow. The temperature is rising so we will give it a bit to clean up and let all the trucks in a super hurry get out of the way lol