Welcome to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania! We have been roaming the back roads and one wrong turn will get ya messed up quick! We are back on track and resting until our ten hours is up then we will get to delivery as soon as we can. See ya in the morning.

Flip flop!

Trip terminated in Jonestown, Pennsylvania right now. We will pickup our next trip in a few minutes and get going to the Buffalo, New York area on the last trip of 2014! Once this delivery is completed tomorrow, we will take the rest of the year off and enjoy New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side!

Still rainy

Good morning from the old Whites Truck stop in Virginia. I had an excellent buffet last night! Big salad, two pork chops, green beans, mashed taters, Mac and cheese and two hush puppies! I was starving!
Man, I have one very crummy sinus headache. Eyes hurt, teeth hurt, neck hurts, and my big old noggin lol. I will never understand why when it rains, and supposedly washes pollen out of the air, that’s when I get sinus headaches! I slept in hoping to get rid of it. It didn’t work. I did use my sinsus water I spray up my nose so hopefully that helps!
OK, let’s go play in the rain!